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We love the world of IoT here at Daisies & Pie and are always on the look out for new products to drool over. So we’re handing over to Zedfy to tell you all about the new Zedcon.

The Zedcon is a controller for digital LED strips. LED strips can be used to light up rooms as an alternative to light bulbs, but they can also be used for mood lighting. Our controller tells the LED strips exactly how and when they should light up, making it possible to create colourful, ambient atmospheres in the places we live, work and play.

What exactly are LEDs and why are they important?

‘LED’ stands for “Light Emitting Diode” and we believe that in a few years they will replace incandescent light bulbs, just like light bulbs replaced candles before them. As opposed to ‘normal’ light bulbs, LEDs are very energy efficient, they emit almost no heat and they can be very bright. But most importantly, they can light up in every perceivable color.

Why do you focus on light?

Alongside of music, light has the power to affect our moods and feelings. We’ve all been at a bar or a restaurant and felt uncomfortable because of the poor lighting conditions in it. Likewise, we’ve all caught ourselves fiddling with the lights in our living room, much longer than we would have liked to, trying to set the perfect mood for our guests. Since light has such a powerful effect on how we feel, we decided to create a product that can control this important external stimulus, thus giving us the power over our own moods.

How is your product useful?

Control your mood

Combined with an LED strip, the Zedcon can not only to light up your room, but also to give it a certain atmosphere and ambience. The ability to impact your mood, as well as that of the people around you, can be a very powerful one – whether you want to create an energetic mood to help you get your work done or relax at the end of a productive day.

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Develop a healthy routine

You can use the Zedcon to develop healthy routines by configuring it to execute time-specific commands. For instance, instead of waking up to the sound of the alarm clock, you can wake up to the soft glow of your bedroom light. At the appointed hour, your Zedcon can be set to mimic a slow, warm sunrise, regardless of how grey the weather actually is.

Optimize your day

Apart from regularly-occurring events, the Zedcon can also be used to notify you of spontaneously occurring ones too. For instance, you can set it to notify you of incoming phone calls or emails. The Zedcon can interact with any product that can connect to the Internet of Things (IoT). When washing machines are upgraded with IoT capability, a subtle light signal in your living room may be used to denote the end of a wash cycle. Such use cases are invaluable for people with hearing impediments, of which there are at least 500,000 in the US alone.

Take your party to the next level

The Zedcon has a built-in microphone, as well as a music-processing chip. This allows it to transform music into light patterns on the digital LED strips. Thanks to Zedcon being a light-jockey has never been easier. Who needs party lights or disco balls, when you can use the light installation in your living room to create an ambient, pulsating atmosphere of a party lounge? Better yet – the light effects will mirror the music being played, rather than cycle through a random pattern.

Where can your product be used?


Mood lighting is the most important usage scenario for the Zedcon. Use it to light up your living space according how you feel – or how you want to feel. Automate the Zedcon so you have specific light conditions for specific times of day.

Bars & Clubs.

Creating just the right lighting conditions has never been easier than with the Zedcon. In addition, the Zedcon can be used to create impressive light shows in party venues, which are too small for DMX lighting set ups.


Offices can profit from the energy savings that LED technology offers over the other types of lighting. As an added bonus, Zedcon’s mood lighting features can be to great use in conference rooms. Negotiations with clients, presentations, team meetings and feedback sessions can all be made much more pleasant if the right atmosphere is created.

What is unique about your product?

Zedcon is one of the few controllers on the market, which can individually address every single LED on an LED-strip. This means that every single LED can be assigned its own unique color and that it can be turned on or off individually. This functionality is important for creating nuanced atmospheres and ambient (dynamic) light conditions. It also makes Zedcon the only controller that can create light shows which are harmonious with the music being played.

A further distinction is that all other controllers store their lighting programs directly on the controller. By contrast, Zedcon stores this data in the cloud. This allows for limitless updates and therefore limitless lighting possibilities and moods.

Tech Specs


The Zedcon has 2 outputs and supports up to 2 LED strips. The strips can be controlled simultaneously or individually.


Each output can support LED strips of over 100 meters long. You

only need to provide the LED strips with a fitting power supply.


Connect multiple Zedcons to a network and control them simultaneously or individually


The following LED types are supported: 5-12V RGB/RGBW WS2811, WS2812b, APA104, USC9812


Wifi 802.11 b/g/n


90x30x12 mm


20-20.000 kHz

App Control:

iOS, Android

Find out more about Zedcon

In collaboration with Zedfy. 

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