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10 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

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Spooking up the house for Halloween doesn’t need to cost loads! Grab our easy DIY Halloween decorations for the kids to make here! 

DIY Halloween Decorations Ideas

Our easy DIY Halloween decorations will keep the kids busy this half term and the house FILLED with an explosion of Halloween!

We’ve got everything you need for a spooky Halloween home – from our ghostly garlands, homemade Halloween trees and even milk bottle ghost lanterns.

Making your own DIY Halloween decorations not only adds an individual style to your Halloween decor but it also gives the kids something to spend time on and allows them to be creative and just have fun with it.

Best of all our easy indoor Halloween decorations don’t cost loads of money or need a loads of effort! So it’s super easy to create your own Halloween house!

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Halloween Banner – Easy Halloween Decorations

easy halloween bunting, how to make your own bunting, paper bunting for halloween, kids crafts from daisies and pie

Make your own easy Halloween bunting with just a few craft supplies – black and orange paper and a ball of string and scissors is all you need.

You could do these with lots of different spooky phrases and decorate different rooms with your bunting.

A super easy Halloween decoration party banner you can design to suit your own theme!

Get the Halloween Bunting Tutorial here.

Ghost Garlands – DIY Halloween Decorations

homemade halloween bunting - paper ghost bunting strung across a room.

Decorate your home for Halloween with our super easy homemade ghost bunting. This simple cute Halloween decor just needs white paper, scissors, a back pen and some string.

Let the kids design their own ghosty spooks and string them up into ghost garlands to hang around the house.

Best of all these cute Halloween decorations cost next to nothing to make so you can make loads of ghost garlands!

Get the ghost bunting tutorial here

Huge Spider Sculptures

Spider Sculpture - encouraging kids to get arty this Halloween with some modern art sculptures made from pipe cleaners, halloween activities for kids

Older kids will just LOVE making these huge spider sculptures just using black pipe cleaners and goggly eyes. These look super scary scattered around your Halloween house!

Get the spider sculpture instructions here

Halloween Tree – Easy Halloween Decorations for Kids

Halloween tree made from bare sticks decorated with hanging stainless bats and ghosts

We love these creative, spooky little Halloween trees. Bare branches decorated with spooky stain glass style Halloween decorations. These Halloween trees are fun to make and look really atmospheric.

The perfect spooky Halloween decorations to place around your home.

Find out how to make a Halloween Tree here

Bat Mobile – Easy Halloween Craft for Kids

halloween bat mobile craft made from sticks and paper

Using foraged twigs you can make these easy Halloween decorations bat mobiles with little hanging bats flying around the moon.

Hang these where they’ll cast a spooky shadow on the walls.

Get the bat mobile instructions here

Painted Stone Eyeballs – Halloween craft for kids

pale pebbles painted as spooky blood shot eyes

Get creative with the sharpies and create a whole load of spooky eyeballs. These look super weird displayed in glass jars as a Halloween decorations.

Or line the eyeballs up on windowsills ready to greet your guests to your Halloween house!

Get the painted eyeball instructions here

Halloween Milk Bottle Lanterns – DIY Halloween Decorations

halloween ghost lantern made from a milk bottle

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Halloween Milk Bottle Lanterns are so simple to make and kids love to make them. Line these ghost lanterns up to create a spooky entrance to your Halloween party!

This is one of our favourite Halloween decorations to make – start saving milk cartons as soon as Autumn starts then you can have a whole line of ghost lanterns.

Get the Halloween milk bottle lanterns right here

Halloween Tea Light Holders – Easy Halloween Craft

glass tea light holders decorated with ghosts and spiders

You can simply use chalk glass paints and empty glass jars to create these little Halloween the light holders – older kids love to make these and they look super atmospheric when lit and casting their spooky shadows.

Loads more ideas for family celebrations here!

Just be sure that if using the tea light holders when kids are around you use non-flame battery operated tea lights to avoid accidents. 

Get the Halloween tea light holder instructions here

Halloween Hanging Bats – DIY Halloween Decorations

black paper bats hanging from the ceiling

These hanging bats are so simple – just use the same technique as paper snowflakes to get your spooky individual bat designs.

And all you’ll need is black paper, scissors and string to make this simple Halloween display!

Get the full paper bat instructions here

Halloween Words – Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

homemade shabby chic boo halloween decoration

Our shabby chic BOO Halloween decoration is super easy to make and of course, you don’t need to just stick to BOO – you can decorate whatever words you like.

These are great if you like your Halloween decor on the understated side!

Get the shabby chic boo tutorial here.

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Spooky Halloween Recipes To Try

If you’re celebrating Halloween with the kids the you might just LOVE our spooky recipes below.

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