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10 Fun Activities For Kids To Do At Home This Week

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10 fun activities for kids to do at home this week. Keep the kids busy with our easy fun ideas, because bored kids are hard work!

Keeping kids busy at home is never easy – but now it’s harder than ever! We’ve got 10 great ideas to try this week to try take the pressure off stressed out mums and dads!

Fun activities for kids to do at home


Making sure the kids still keep active whilst stuck at home is really important. Luckily there’s some BRILLIANT Youtube videos to help out with that. Some great ones to try…

  • Joe Wicks The Body Coach – he will be running live PE lessons every weekday at 9am (UK time) on his YouTube channel – I’m going to join in with the kids on these too!
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga – loads and loads of yoga and mindfulness videos aimed at kids – simple to follow and great for keeping kids active but in a chilled out way!
  • Rock Kidz – this is going to be a great resource – it combines rock music, PHSE content and exercise for a total blast of feel good. They’ll be running live sessions on Youtube 2pm (UK time) weekdays. Find out more about Rock Kidz here.
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Write Letters

With so many older people stuck indoors for the next 3 months now is a great time to write some letters.

Get the kids to create stories, draw pictures, make up jokes – anything really!

Post those letters off to grandparents or elderly relatives to try cheer up their days too.

(Obviously only post letters when it’s safe to do so following all the latest health and social advice)


young boy reading a book snuggled up amongst cushions and blankets with fairy lights decorating

Spending a little while reading every day is a great way for kids to chill out and relax during their time off.

Let kids choose books they love to read, books that make them feel good or that they just love to snuggle up with.

You could even create a special little reading nook to entice reluctant readers – fairy lights, cosy cushions and throws – perfect.

Kitchen Band

Turn the pots and pans upside down – hand out the spoons and let the kids go wild with the noise and music.

It’s a great way to get rid of some pent up energy and it’s fun!

Try out a little scientific twist – fill bottles or glasses with different amounts of water and create a water xylophone.

Mud Pie Kitchen

toddler playing with mud kitchen

If you’ve got a garden or outside space (even a tiny one) then you’ve got room for a mud pie kitchen – younger children just LOVE these and it’s a great way to get fresh air and pass along the time.

All you need for a mud pie kitchen is old pots and pans, spoons, jugs and funnels or any bits and pieces to hand.

Find out how to make a mud pie kitchen here

Cooking With Kids

english muffins toasted and spread with peanut butter and decorated with banana and strawberry slices and blueberries to look like little owl faces

You don’t have to do anything complicated – just let kids in the kitchen and let them help with cooking and food preparation – try our really easy owl toast recipe.

Junk Modelling

Empty the recycling bin of boxes, wrappers and cardboard tubes – pull out the pens, paints, sellotape and glue and let the kids get busy creating some amazing junk modelling.

If you’ve got big boxes from recent deliveries you can let the kids build pirate ships, spaceships or cars – just let their imagination run wild.

Loads more kids art projects and activities here

Dens and Blanket Forts

Pull out the blankets, sheets and throws and let the kids build dens – kids LOVE building dens and playing in them for literally hours!

Garden Bug Hunt

Garden bug hunt printable, preschool bug hunt printable checklist, bug hunt sheet, outdoor activities for kids, summer fun for kids

If you’ve safe access to a garden then download our BRILLIANT super cute bug hunt printable above.

All of these bugs can be found in gardens and will keep little ones busy for a while.

Print The Bug Hunt Sheet Here

If you’ve got older kids – then add in more bugs – get them to draw and label the bugs or find out some bug facts online to go with what they’ve spotted.

Get more FREE kids printables here

Virtual Tours

There’s literally loads of museums, national parks and zoos that have put up virtual tours and live web cam content to keep your little ones busy.

Some great ones to try…

  • Google Arts & Culture – BRILLIANT virtual tours of some of the USA National Parks – Alaska Kenai Fjords, Hawaii Volcanos, New Mexico Carlsbad Caverns, Utah Bryce Canyon, Florida Dry Tortugas.
  • Live Web Cams Edinburgh Zoo – these are brilliant! So addictive to watch – you can peep in on the koalas, penguins, tigers and pandas.

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