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10 meals to make with roast in the bag chicken

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10 meals to make with roast in the bag chicken, easy chicken recipes, easy dinner ideas

Roast in the bag chicken is one of my favourite easy, go-to dinner ideas, it’s just ridiculously convenient and effortless.

Straight out of the fridge and into the oven, no mess, no having to wipe down work tops with antibacterial spray, just so easy! And as a busy working mum easy food is one of my favourite things. 

Here’s our top 10 favourite meals to make with roast in the bag chicken. 
1. Lazy roast chicken dinner

And we mean LAZY! This roast dinner is quick enough to make on a weeknight! Grab yourself some frozen ready to roast potatoes, frozen carrot and swede mash, some frozen peas and frozen Yorkshire puddings, and with a little help from gravy granules that roast dinner will be on the table in just over an hour. 

2. Chicken fajitas

Whilst the chicken roasts just fry up a sliced pepper and onion. Once cooked, strip the chicken and wrap in soft flour tortillas with peppers, onions, sweetcorn, grated cheddar and some tomato salsa. Easy and the kids love it. 

3. Fajita baked potatoes 

Scrub and prick the potatoes then bake them in the oven alongside the chicken as it roasts. Once cooked, split the potatoes and top with shredded roast chicken, jarred sliced peppers, tomato salsa and grated cheese. Add a side of sweetcorn and some BBQ baked beans. 

4. Zingy chicken salad

Shred the roast chicken and toss into a huge salad, think salad leaves, baby plum tomatoes, cucumber strips, grated carrots, sweetcorn, sliced peppers, then pour over some lemony mayonnaise (just add some lemon juice and zest along with some chopped coriander to mayonnaise and mix well)

5. Cheesy chicken melts 

Shred the hot roast chicken, mix in some mayonnaise, maybe flavour it up with tomato pesto or harissa. Load onto muffins or split tiger rolls, throw on a handful of grated cheese and melt. I make this recipe whilst the chicken is still hot from the oven, that way I’m not reheating it. 

6. Chicken noodle salad 

Shred the roast chicken, toss in ready to eat noodles and a bag of herby salad leaves, add some cucumber and pepper strips, maybe some chopped fresh mango, and dress with a quick oriental style dressing – whisk together sesame oil, soy sauce and honey. 

7. Chicken couscous salad

Shred the roast chicken, microwave a couple of bags of Mediterranean style couscous or quinoa, throw in a handful of baby plum tomatoes or chopped sun dried tomatoes, add a handful of chopped olives, and serve alongside a big green salad.

8. Loaded chicken baguette

Split open the mini baguettes, fill with salad leaves, add the shredded roast chicken, top with crispy bacon, coleslaw and serve alongside some chunky potato wedges or sweet potato fries. 

9. Quick spicy rice

Shred the chicken, microwave a couple of sachets of microwave rice, go for a spicy flavour. Microwave a couple of handfuls of mixed frozen vegetables. Mix everything together. Serve with a spoonful of spicy curried yogurt dressing, just mix natural yogurt with a couple of spoonfuls of curry paste. Maybe add some popadoms and mango chutney. 

10. Chicken pesto pasta

Shred the hot chicken and stir into a big pan of freshly made pasta and pesto. You can add in some veggies if you like, peas, olives and sliced jarred chargrilled peppers all work well. 

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