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10 Ways To Keep Kitchen Counters Clutter Free

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Are you tired of dealing with a cluttered kitchen counter? Learn how to keep your kitchen counters clutter free with our practical and super easy tidy-tips!

Now I LOVE to have a tidy kitchen, but I do have a small kitchen and keeping counters clear isn’t always a feasible option when working with small spaces, BUT keeping them clutter free and tidy definitely is!

There’s nothing wrong with having a real-life (not insta-perfect) kitchen set up, and have your most used appliances and food storage out on the counter-tops and ready to use.

And especially if you’re short on storage space – appliances on counters is definitely a good thing! As it frees up valuable storage space for other things that aren’t used as often.

But there’s a big difference between having a working-kitchen and having cluttered kitchen counters and we’ve got 10 simple tidy-tips for helping you keep kitchen counters clutter free!

The first step towards organizing any space is to do a thorough declutter, then you’re only left with finding homes for the things you actually want and need.

This is absolutely key to having a clutter free kitchen. Be sensible, and realistic, what do you actually have room for in your space? Decide which items need to be stored on kitchen counters and are used often, and which items can be stored away and brought-out to use when needed.

In small kitchens especially it’s a good idea to get some stylish food storage, that is not only practical but looks good in your space too. Keeping food storage jars for pasta, rice and other grains on the counter tops is super convenient for cooking. And by choosing stylish storage and grouping things together, your kitchen will not look cluttered.

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Such a simple concept but so important to do! If you (and everyone else who uses the kitchen) just puts things away after use it stops clutter accumulating on the kitchen counters. And literally takes less than a minute to do!

Now, this one is a game-changer for a neat and organized kitchen! Make space in your home somewhere for a kitchen supplies back stock. This doesn’t need to be a glamorous or stylish space, it can simply be a stack of crates in the basement or a spare hallway cupboard.

Somewhere you can put packets of food, cleaning supplies anything that you want to decant into storage, so your kitchen stays neat, storage isn’t over-spilling and back stock is hidden away out of sight!

A kitchen caddy by your hob that contains your most used items, like olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, Balsamic vinegar – whatever you use often. By grouping them together in a kitchen counter caddy they look effortlessly stylish and stops your counter top from getting cluttered.

kitchen caddy for keeping kitchen counters clutter free
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Okay, so this one isn’t always possible, especially with the whole work-from-home thing, in many homes kitchens have taken on multi-purpose spaces and a home-office is often incorporated into them.

So if you can, move all non-kitchen items and give them homes, and if you can’t, then arrange your kitchen into zones so that you keep the kitchen counters clutter free and all non-kitchen items zoned together.

Don’t let dirty dishes stack up on the kitchen counters. If they can be loaded straight into the dishwasher then do so, if the dishwasher is currently full or in-use, then give them a quick rinse and stack them in the kitchen sink to load into the dishwasher as soon as possible. But keep them off the kitchen counters.

The kitchen counter is often a place where mail, home admin or school correspondence can gather. And if there really is not other place for it to be, then create a neat, clutter free solution for storing it, until it can be dealt with.

This can be as simple as a letter rack, storage box, whatever suits your style and space.

This is our top tidy tip for any room in your home! At the end of every day, spend a few minutes doing a quick room reset.

Wiping counter tops, scrub the kitchen sink, put out fresh towels, empty the trash and put everything in the room back where it should be. A room reset helps you stay on top of the housework and makes your home feel really organized, clean, tidy and great to be in!