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100 awesome low cost ideas for kids this summer

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Keeping kids entertained over the summer holiday can be hard work and that’s why we LOVE our awesome summer bored jar.

Our summer bored jar is filled with 100 low cost ideas and activities to keep kids entertained this summer. You can download the free bored jar printables below (and we even left space for you to add a few of your own)

  1. paint pebbles
  2. make pompoms
  3. make rainbow art
  4. play with bubbles
  5. drizzle painting
  6. make a sun catcher
  7. have a tea party
  8. do chalk pavement drawings
  9. go pond dipping
  10. nature walk
  11. make sock puppets
  12. make playdoh
  13. make up crazy dances
  14. obstacle course in the garden
  15. make drink bottle skittles
  16. make cardboard box space ships
  17. have a water fight
  18. go swimming
  19. make slushies
  20. make chocolate crackle cakes
  21. play board games
  22. have a mini sports day
  23. play hopscotch
  24. play elastics
  25. dance in the rain
  26. climb a big hill
  27. watch a film
  28. make a summer scrapbook
  29. do some painting
  30. help wash the car
  31. make necklaces or bracelets
  32. have a penalty shootout
  33. go feed the ducks
  34. bake cakes
  35. have a bubble bath
  36. draw pictures
  37. tidy your bedroom
  38. make up a treasure hunt
  39. go for a walk
  40. go to the park
  41. make a kite
  42. make s’mores
  43. cook dinner
  44. make a family tree
  45. make ice cream sundaes
  46. go to the library
  47. make drink bottle shakers
  48. make a picnic
  49. play frisbee
  50. go to the museum
  51. make galaxy jars
  52. make bird feeders
  53. camp out in the garden
  54. make a paper mache volcano
  55. do junk modelling
  56. build dens
  57. make a kitchen drum kit
  58. make lemonade
  59. whizz up smoothies
  60. make a mini vegetable garden
  61. play cafes
  62. invite a friend to play
  63. star gazing
  64. try out new food
  65. make swords and shields
  66. do finger painting
  67. make rain catchers
  68. clear out your old toys
  69. make a hot chocolate bar
  70. make paper planes and have flying competitionn
  71. make pizzas
  72. skip 100 times
  73. make fruit kebabs
  74. write a story
  75. help with household chores
  76. make summer crowns
  77. make masks
  78. wash the pots
  79. bake jam tarts
  80. read a book
  81. raise butterflies
  82. write a bucket list
  83. play hide and seek
  84. create crazy hairstyles
  85. make pancakes
  86. help out with gardening
  87. have a midnight feast
  88. make windmills
  89. make origami animals
  90. make a fairy/pixie garden
  91. make up your own show or play
  92. make balloon rockets
  93. create a cosy reading nook
  94. make a mud pie target
  95. make natural art
  96. make slime
  97. do face painting
  98. learn to juggle
  99. play a-z game
  100. play piggy in the middle

Bored Jar Ideas Printable 1

Bored Jar Ideas Printable 2

Bored Jar Ideas Printable 3

Bored Jar Ideas Printable 4

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If you’ve got any good ideas we missed, please let use know!

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