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20 things in your home you really should be cleaning

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20 areas of your home you really should be cleaning…. but probably aren’t! Get our BEST home cleaning tips here and power through the cleaning – easily!

Everyone loves to live in a clean home, one that feels fresh and lovely to come into and it’s easy to stay on top of day to day housework.

BUT…. What about all the little bits that get overlooked?

There’s things in your home you really should be cleaning… but probably aren’t.

Go take a look, once you see how much dust and dirt they pick up you’ll want to make an effort to keep them cleaner! 

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Home Cleaning Tips That Work!

1 – How to clean the washing machine. Home cleaning tips that help take care of the washing machine!

Get the best from your washing machine by keeping it clean and fresh.

Regular cleaning can help to prevent the black mould and mildew build up on the rubber seal and will stop the detergent dispenser becoming totally clogged and disgusting.

Find out how to clean the washing machine with soda crystals and white vinegar here. 

washing machine soap dispenser drawer being washed in hot soapy water to clean it - home cleaning tips

2 – How to wash pillows – home cleaning tips

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Pillows soak up sweat, saliva and other bodily fluids as you sleep and can become covered in dust and dead skin cells.

Keep pillows fresh and clean by putting them through the wash every month or so – get our pillow washing guide here. 

3 – How often to clean the vacuum filter?

Regular cleaning of the filter in your vacuum will keep the vacuum running better and cleaning efficiently and stop the vacuum from causing stale smells when you use it.

Always follow manufacturers instructions on how to remove and clean your filter. I clean the vacuum filter out at least once a fortnight – more often if I’ve used it a lot.

4 – Top Home Cleaning Tips – Clean the fridge door handle daily

The fridge door handle is one of the germiest places in the kitchen!

Make it part of your daily routine to just give it a quick wipe with antibacterial spay and paper towels. 

This is one of our key home cleaning tips for keeping the kitchen clean and fresh.

5 – Home Cleaning Tips – How often to clean window dressings

Curtains and blinds are total dust magnets – allowing dust to build up can lead to them looking dull, discoloured and messy.

Regular dusting of blinds and tops of curtains – or a quick whizz over them with the vacuum will keep dust and dirt at bay.

Wash or dry clean your curtains at least twice a year to keep them looking good. 

6 – How often to clean the coffee maker?

I love my coffee so looking after the coffee maker is important to me! I run a descale solution through the machine every month.

Some coffee machines have a descale light which pops on when it’s time to descale.

I clean the coffee holder, drip tray and milk frothing nozzle daily in hot soapy water. If you don’t it gets gunky, smelly and becomes a breading ground for bacteria. 

I usually use these Woldo Clean Descaling Tablets which I buy on Amazon.

7 – Cleaning the toothbrush holder

Just think… water droplets, maybe a little toothbrush froth, the germs from your mouth and hands all drip down the toothbrush. These all gather and collect at the base of the toothbrush holder and gather, it’s yuck.

One of our TOP home cleaning tips would be to give the toothbrush holder a good scrub at least once a week or if it’s dishwasher safe – whack it in. 

8 – How often to vacuum mattresses? One of our best home cleaning tips for the bedroom!

Next time you change the beds – run the vacuum over the mattress and see just how much dust and dead skin cells come off.

Once you’ve done it once, you’ll add this job in at least once every few weeks if not every time you change the bedding.

9 – How often do you need to clean paint work?

Your doors, door frames and skirting boards all pick up general dirt, dust and day to day grime – over time they’ll look dull and dirty.

Bring them back to looking good by vacuuming dust from the skirting boards and door frames once a week and wiping them down with hot soapy water at least every month.

And be sure to wipe off grubby handprints daily!

10 – How to clean light switches – top home cleaning tips

Again… little germ magnets – with everyone touching them loads of times a day it’s important to keep them clean.

Clean light switches at least once a week.

And it’s a top home cleaning tip to clean them more often if there’s illness in the house. 

11. How often should you wash shower curtains?

Giving the shower curtain a regular wash can stop the build up of mould and mildew in the fabric so it’s definitely a job worth doing.

I do wash fabric shower curtains once a week and put a laundry cleanser in the washing machine with them.

12 – How often should you clean the dishwasher?

Even the dishwasher can get clogged up with grease and food debris. It’s a great idea to put a dishwasher cleaner through once every 4- 6 weeks or so just to keep it fresh.

And don’t forget to remove the filter thing at the bottom and give it a wash under hot water. This stops it getting clogged up with grease and starting to smell. 

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13 – How to clean behind radiators

The backs of radiators really gather dust and they’re super tricky to clean too. Try blowing the dust out with a hair-dryer or using the radiator brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner. 

14 – How to clean house plants

house plants stood in the bath being sprayed down with the shower to clean them - home cleaning tips

These get so dusty right!? Clean them weekly with a soft dry cloth along their leaves. Then every month give them a little shower or stand them out in the rain. Grab our house plant cleaning tips here. 

15 – How often should you clean banisters?

Total germ magnets – everyones hands sliding up and down them daily. Easily keep banisters clean by wiping with antibacterial spray (never polish as you’ll make them slippy)

I usually clean bannisters once a day – it literally takes a minute.

16 – How often to clean door handles?

Door handles are the same as bannisters – covered in germs. These need cleaning at least once or twice a week (more often if there’s illness in the house).

Just wipe with antibacterial spray if it’s suitable for the finish on the handles. 

17 – How often to clean the dryer condenser unit?

Everyone remembers to clean out the dryer filter fluff but how often do you pull out the condenser unit and rinse it through?

This gets clogged up with hair and fluff and stops the dryer working as well as it should. Try to rinse the condenser through at least once a week and always follow manufacturers instructions.

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18 – How often to vacuum under appliances?

Pull out those large kitchen appliances – underneath will be filled with dirt, dust, bits of food… disgusting!

Definitely an area that needs cleaning more often. Try to clean underneath appliances at least once or twice a month.

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19 How often to clean out kitchen bins?

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Rubbish bins are often overlooked when cleaning but these get dirty fast – the insides and outsides need wiping out with hot soapy water at least once every week – and definitely when you spill things in them. 

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20 – How often to clean under the bed?

The space under the bed harbours dust – and a dusty bedroom is not good, especially if you suffer from allergies. Take a minute to vacuum under the bed once a week. 

This is one of our best home cleaning tips and should help to reduce dust allergy symptoms.

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