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20 Ways To Get 10000 Steps In A Day (Without Trying Too Hard)

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Want to get 10000 steps in a day without being a chore? Here are 20 easy ways to get those steps in and stay active throughout the day.

Benefits Of Walking And Moving More

Okay so first up, we’re BIG believers in looking after your wellbeing and self care and that regular every day activity is a great way to help keep fit.

Sure gym workouts are great, but it’s the non-exercise activity that often burns the most calories in a day.

And if you’re wanting to drop some weight, or just get fitter, then aiming for your 10000 steps a day is a great way to make a start.

Walking and moving about more have lot’s of benefits for both physical and mental well-being. Regular walking can help improve cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and help to maintain a healthy weight. It also helps to boost our mood and helps to reduce stress levels.

Of course, you don’t have to do all of these, start small, start slow, add a few into your daily routine and build up!

get in 10000 steps in a day on a beach walk - lady walking by the edge of the sea in wellies

How To Get 10000 Steps In A Day

It’s easy to make a few small changes to your day, and really fit in a whole lot more walking, meaning you can get 10000 steps in without really noticing it.

1 – Take the stairs

If you need to go up or down a floor, take the stairs instead of the lift wherever possible.

2 – Park further away to get 10000 steps in

Sure, some trips you have to take the car, but to fit in some steps park further away from where you need to be. This could be a few streets away, or just the far side of the car park.

3 – Pace when you talk on the phone

Instead of taking that phone call sat at your desk, get up and move, even if it’s just walking around the office or the living room, or even pacing around near your desk, every step counts!

4 – Dance to get 10000 steps in

If you’re cooking dinner, whack the music on and dance whilst you do so. Dancing even for just 10 minutes a day is a great way to get in your steps and get more active.

5 – Take notice of your activity

By waring a pedometer or using a fitness tracker like an Apple Watch or Fitbit just makes you more aware of your activity levels – and prompts you to improve them, you can set activity targets and track progress which is great for staying on track.

Apple Watch showing message "You can still do it Wendy, take a brisk,
40-minute walk to close both your Move and Exercise rings. Totally worth it"

6 – Break up your steps throughout the day

A great way to squeeze in extra steps and activity is to make sure that every hour you get up and spend 5 minutes walking around.

7 – Running errands – walk don’t drive

If you’ve some errands planned, schedule in some extra time and walk rather than drive. Not only is it good exercise but it’s better for the environment too.

8 – Take regular breaks from sitting to get 10000 steps in

Don’t just sit there! Even if you’re binging a box set, take regular breaks from just sitting and get up and walk for a few minutes. It all adds up.

9 – Join a walking group

Get on your local council activities website or head over to Facebook and search out a local walking group. You can often find local walking groups that are suitable for a range of abilities from a gentle stroll, to longer walks and hikes to nordic walking.

10 – Use a standing desk

If your job involves a lot of desk work, consider swapping to a standing desk so that you can be more active throughout the day whilst still getting your job done.

11 – Do your grocery shopping in store

Skip the online food delivery and walk/drive to the store and shop in person. You can easily get in 1000-2000 steps waking around a large grocery store doing the weekly food shop.

12 – Meet up with a friend

Use walking as a way to socialise and catch up with friends. Arrange to meet a friend or friends a couple of times a week for walking coffee. Gossip, exercise and a coffee, what’s not to love? And if you’re busy chatting and enjoying yourself, those steps will soon mount up.

13 – Go for a walk after lunch or dinner to get 10000 steps in

Not only does walking after a meal help with digestion, but it’s also a great way to get outdoors and will help you to get 10000 steps in. Just a 10 or 15 minute walk can up your daily step count by 2000 – 3000!

14 – Always go the long way

Get into a habit of walking the long way around, this is an effortless way to help get 10000 steps in a day. And soon becomes subconscious routine.

15 – Take your dog for longer walks

Add another block to your dog walk, go that extra street, squeeze in an extra five or ten minute walk a day, it gets you active and your dog will love it!

16 – Use a treadmill to get 10000 steps in

Either head to the gym or get a treadmill at home, the easiest way to get some extra steps in is to watch your favourite TV show and walk on the treadmill whilst you do so.

17 – Get off the bus a few stops early

If you’re taking the bus, make time to get off a couple of stops early and walk the rest of the way. This quickly becomes a habit and is a healthy, effortless way to help you get 10000 steps in a day.

18 – Drink that coffee on the go to get 10000 steps in

Got a 15 minute coffee break? Use a travel mug and drink that coffee as you walk. Fresh air and exercise really help you hit your step count and break up your work day.

19 – Weekend hikes

Try exploring hiking trails at the weekend, head off to a country park or take a long beach walk. This is a great thing to do with the kids too!

get in 10000 steps in a day on a beach walk - mum and toddler walking on the shore

20 – Play sports with the kids

Playing football, frisbee or basket ball with the kids in a local park is not only great fun for the kids and you but it will really help you on your way to get in 10000 steps a day! Find your local park here.