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Summer fun list for kids by kids

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Summertime can mean only one thing – the kids summer bucket list. Our list is written by kids for kids. Nothing too hard, nothing that costs a whole heap of money and all things that’ll make some brilliant memories. That’s what summer is all about, you only get this summer once, make it count.

  • Campfire with spooky stories – schedule an evening to get out in the garden with the kids, light a fire, snuggle down under some blankets, create some atmosphere and go to town with the spooky stories.
  • Cook a BBQ breakfast – help the kids to do Sunday brunch outdoors and cook up a delicious BBQ breakfast, go for sausages loaded into bread rolls topped with homemade tomato sauce.
  • Dance in the rain – British summertime, there’s bound to be plenty of rain about. Embrace the wet weather, get out with the kids and dance your heart out.
  • Barefoot walk – get the kids outdoors, kick off those shoes and walk through the soft grass, feel the mud squelching between your toes.
  • Fly a kite – take the kids out to climb up a hill or head out to the beach and fly a kite.
  • Stargazing – get comfy in the garden with the kids, take out a pile of quilts, blankets and pillows and spend the evening looking for shooting stars and spotting constellations.
  • Camp out in the garden – pop up the festival tents or just make a big den and let the kids spend a night camping out with friends.
  • Paddle in a stream – get out with the kids, roll up those trousers, slip off the shoes and let your feet dip into the cool clear water.
  • Cook awesome pancakes – and I mean awesome, load those babies up with squirty cream, chocolate buttons, strawberries, edible glitter and buckets of syrup.
  • Go for a picnic -help the kids pack up an old school style picnic, think Enid Blyton and head out for the day.
  • Make a nature crown – be at one with nature and help the kids to create a really special nature crown, fill it with flowers and greenery, feathers, twigs and anything else you come across that’ll make it look good.
  • Midnight feast – help the kids to gather together delicious treats so they can stay up really late for a secret midnight feast.
  • Movie night – get the movies, get the snacks, get the fizzy drinks and splurge with an evening with the kids and a whole stack of movies.
  • Make s’mores – wouldn’t be summer without campfire s’mores. Mmmm so delicious, get the s’mores recipe here and help the kids to make this delicious campfire treat.
  • Swim in the sea – yes, yes it will be cold, but get your swimming costume on and get in there with the kids anyway, it’s invigorating.
  • Visit a lake – take the kids on a trip to the Lakes, maybe rent a boat and do a little rowing, pack a picnic and enjoy the day.
  • Sleepover – let the kids invite around their very best friends, watch movies, have a midnight feast and tell stories all night.
  • Make a water slide – help the kids to make an awesome water slide, use waterproof ground sheets, throw over buckets of water, run and slide.
  • Have an amazing water fight – help the kids to fill water balloons, load the water blasters or go old style with a squirty bottle and have some serious fun.
  • Build a fabulous den – all you need is sheets, covers, blankets, throws, pillows and pegs, then the kids will have the makings of a fabulous den.

Enjoy the summer!

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