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25 After school snacks that won’t spoil dinner

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25 after school snacks that won’t spoil dinner – perfect for keeping little ones going until dinner time.

After School Snacks Ideas Your Kids Will LOVE!

If like me you hear “mum I’m hungry” roared at you the minute they walk through the door then this is for you.

So no need to keep googling “after school snack ideas UK” we’ve put together a list of super easy snacks to help you out!

Our after school snack ideas are quick and easy to prepare – healthy snack ideas that won’t spoil the kids dinner but will fill them up whilst they wait.

These children’s after school snack ideas also work well as lunch box fillers if you’re needing a little lunchbox inspiration!

tray of freshly baked cinnamon raisin cookies. Text overlay "back to school after school snack ideas for hungry kids"

Healthy After School Snacks Ideas for Kids

little pots with veggie sticks and peanut butter and tomato salsa in the bottom
  • Vegetable stick and dip pots – this is a really easy after school snack idea that’s vegan. These are super easy to make and good for having in the fridge ready to grab and go – you can make them with peanut dip, hummus or salsa for an easy after school snacks.
mini fruit kebabs made with cocktail sticks - kebabs have melon, kiwi, grapes and pineapple - they're piled in a dark blue bowl
  • Mini Fruit Kebabs – Looking for after school snack ideas – easy to make? I’ve no idea how this works but if fruit is on little sticks my kids eat a whole lot more of it! You can make these mini fruit kebabs using any type of fruit you like – melon, mango, grapes, kiwi and strawberries are always popular here.
  • Dried fruit – handfuls of dried fruit are a quick and easy snack for kids to eat – if your kids are older and are okay with nuts – try mixing nuts in with the fruit – unsalted peanuts or cashews work well with sultanas and dried cranberries. An after school snack thats easy!
  • Yogurts – kids love yogurts – try adding a handful of cereal to the yogurt to keep them full for longer. This is a super easy after school snacks.
gluten free cheese scones fresh from the oven cooling on a wire baking rack above a wooden chopping board
  • Cheese Scones – warm cheese scones are delicious as a snack, spread with butter and serve with a glass for icy cold milk. These are after school snack ideas that are so tasty.
platter of homemade scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream
  • Fruit Scones – for the ultimate afternoon tea snack a scone with fruit and cream is just the BEST! (advertisement feature recipe)
  • Cheese on Toast – quick and easy protein rich snack – try grilled wholegrain bead topped with cheese – add a splattering of marmite for extra taste. Great after school snacks that are tasty and easy.
  • Celery Sticks – spread celery sticks with peanut butter or cream cheese – you could also add a line of sultanas pressed into the peanut butter or cheese to squeeze in an extra portion of fruit.
Beetroot hummus with sweet chilli kick served with charcoal and rye cracker bread and italian breadsticks.
  • Beetroot Hummus – for more after school snack ideas – vegan, try our delicious hummus, kids love the vibrant colour and sweet taste of this beetroot hummus – you could serve with crackers, bread sticks or a toasted pitta bread.
  • Scotch Egg – a good quality scotch egg can make a tasty after school snack.
homemade cinnamon raisin cookies.

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  • Apple and Cheese Cubes – sliced apples and cubes of cheese are a healthy, fresh tasting snack – serve with icy cold milk. This is the perfect after school snack that’s easy and delicious.
  • Digestive Biscuits Spread with Cream Cheese – a quick and tasty snack – choose low sugar digestive biscuits for this option.
wooden chopping board with pile of homemade cheesy breadsticks next to a bunch of herbs and bottle of olive oil
  • Tortilla Chips with Salsa Dip – another after school snack ideas – vegan. Try tipping tortilla chips into a bowl and serve with tomato salsa. (be sure to use vegan tortilla chips)
green pepper salsa in a kilner jar on the grass
  • Mini Fruit Pots – make up batches of mini fruit pots to keep in the fridge at home – try strawberries, grapes, melon and kiwi for a fresh and tasty fruit salad.
  • Mini Cereal and Yogurt Pots – make up little cereal snack pots – layer up your kids favourite cereal with yogurt – choose flavoured yogurt or add in extra fruit.
  • Pretzels – tip out a small bowlful of pretzels as a quick and simple snack – you could add a side of salsa or guacamole dip to these too. This is another after school snack ideas – vegan.
  • Cheese on Crackers – spread cream cheese or slices of hard cheese onto rye crackers.
banana oat smoothie with peanut butter in a glass jar with yellow stripy straw.

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plate of homemade blueberry smoothie pops
  • Blueberry Smoothie Pops – on a warm day cool the kids down with these delicious smoothie pops made with all natural ingredients
  • Quesadilla – make the kids a quick quesadilla – try adding refried beans and a handful of grated cheese – maybe a side of salsa for dipping.
  • Digestive Biscuits and Milk – no time to faff then give the kids biscuits and milk.
white paper with cinnamon flecked banana french toast
  • Banana Cinnamon French Toast – for an indulgent little treat try serving up a portion of our delicious banana cinnamon French toast – so good!
  • Ham & Cheese Roll Ups – make up little ham and cheese mini wraps and slice into coils.
tray filled with tuna muffin melts fresh from the oven
  • Tuna Muffin Melts – if the kids are really hungry a tray of tuna muffin melts should fill the gap – super easy to make and squeeze in some extra veggies.
cheese apple and salad pitta bread with chutney for lunch
  • Cheese & Apple Mini Pittas – need to feed a crowd – throw together some mini pittas filled with cheese, apple and a splash of chutney.

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All our our children’s snack suggestions are great after school club snack ideas.

Now… so that you don’t ruin dinner keep a close eye on portion sizes! And be sure to offer a big drink first it’s easy for kids to muddle up hunger and thirst.


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tray of veggie stick and dip pots. Text overlay "back to school after school snack ideas for hungry kids"

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Happy snacking!

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