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3 Easy Latin American Dinner Ideas

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3 really easy latin american dinner ideas, easy family food, 
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We’ve been trying out a delicious range of new Latin American inspired cooking sauces and rice from Santa Maria and cooking up a storm in the kitchen to create some quick, easy and delicious Latin American dinners. Latin American food isn’t something I’ve tried or cooked before so I was quite excited to give these products a try! 

Brazilian Xinxim Peanut Chicken

Brazilian xinxim peanut chicken, easy brazilian recipes

We used the Brazilian Ximxin peanut sauce with chicken breast, it literally takes 15 minutes to make. We served it with a sachet of the the Latin American Kitchen Coconut and Chilli rice and a quick salad. We loved it, it’s really peanutty but with a zesty flavour too, fresh, mild and delicious – perfect for midweek cooking. 

Caribbean Pineapple and Chilli Sticky Vegetables

Caribbean pineapple and chilli sticky veggies and rice, easy caribbean recipes

For a quick and easy midweek vegetarian dinner we cooked up the Caribbean Pineapple and Chilli sticky sauce with courgettes, peppers and mushrooms – super quick to make and ready in just minutes. This sauce tastes a little like a cross between Chinese sweet and sour and Thai sweet chilli sauce, but less sweet. It’s super tasty and fab for busy work nights. 

Cuban Chilli Sofrito Chicken

Cuban chilli sofrito chicken and rice, easy latin american recipes

We cooked up this sauce with chicken breast and served with a sachet of the spicy red rice. It tastes amazing, a very smoky Spanish flavour but spicy, perfect for serving with a salad packed with olives and a glass of red wine. 

And what do we think of the new Latin American Kitchen range…

Well… they get a big thumbs up! We loved the quickness and ease of these products, definitely ones to keep in the cupboard, they make great midweek meals when time is precious and you want dinner ready fast. They’re great for summer as they don’t take long to cook and they go perfectly with big salads. They’ve really sparked an interest in discovering more cuisines from this region. 

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