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4 Car Care Tips To Increase Your Vehicle’s Life

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As a busy working parent keeping an eye on the budget and getting the most use out of things is key – so here’s my 4 car care tips that I feel help increase the life of our car, meaning we don’t have to replace it as often!

Car care tips to increase vehicle life

Okay I’m not claiming to be a car or tyre expert here but it’s super important to me to be safe whilst driving and also to make sure my car is looked after as well as I can. Extending our car’s life is up to us and we can care for our vehicle to boost its performance. 

And yes… I’m always the first to seek professional help from the garage as soon as I see any potential issues or problems with my car. Being safe is paramount, especially when driving with kids! Four car care things I check regularly are…

Car care tips – check the oil

I know… it’s an obvious one but seriously it’s something to keep an eye on. Having the correct oil levels means the engine runs smoothly. And it’s super easy to do! Check out the guide here from AA on how to check your oil safely and key mistakes to avoid.

Car care tips – check the brakes

Again – a totally obvious tip but super important to safety – make sure your brake pads are checked and well cared for – regular car servicing, MOT’s and being aware of key warning signs to look for can all help you take care of brake pads and drive safely and get them checked and fixed when necessary.

Car care tips – check tyre tread

Keeping an eye on tyre tread depth and replacing tyres whenever necessary is not only the safest option when driving but also helps you to get the best performance from your car. This guide from the RAC is super handy and shows a quick and easy way to check tread depth. 

Car care tips – check tyres for bulges

Check tyres for bulges! Bulging tyres can cause blow outs which is something that terrifies me! Green Flag have a guide showing how to do this and where to look for bulges.

Replacing Tyres

Obviously driving on unsafe tyres isn’t something I’m prepared to risk not only can it cause accidents but it can also land you with a huge fine, penalty points and even invalidate car insurance!

When replacing tyres it’s important to be sure to buy the right tyres for the type of driving you do. So spending a lot of time driving in London – consider the right tyres for city driving.

Think about fuel economy, limiting the amount of pollution your car throws out into the city. So if you want to have your car be fuel effective, then book your car tyres in London – check now the new range from DAT Tyres.

Consider braking distances – especially when driving in wet weather – city driving often means needing to break at very short notice, especially if a pedestrian or animal step out into the road. It’s important to buy tyres that can help you do that.

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