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5 easy canned tuna recipes

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Good canned tuna recipes are always useful to know – everyone always has a can of tuna sat in the cupboard right? Tuna is great for using to make a tasty, healthy family meal quickly and easily!

What can I make with canned tuna?

Well, actually there’s loads of delicious canned tuna recipes that turn a boring can of tuna into something yummy to eat – canned tuna is something I always keep in the cupboard it’s a great base for a store cupboard meal. 

Is canned tuna healthy?

Yes I think so! It’s packed with protein and is low on calories especially if you choose the canned tuna in water rather than olive or sunflower oil. Although if you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant then you need to limit tuna intake due to mercury content. You can grab the up to date information on fish consumption over on the NHS website.

homemade tuna nicoise salad canned tuna salad recipe. Text overlay saying 5 easy meals you can make with a can of tuna fish

Easy canned tuna recipes 

If you’ve got a tin of tuna sitting in the cupboard then here’s five easy canned tuna recipes that you’re just going to LOVE! 

Tuna Pasta Bake – cheat recipe

Quick, easy and cheesy – our tuna pasta bake recipe is total comfort food. We use cheats in this recipe to get it ready fast which is great for when the kids are like “STARVING” – We also add in peas and corn because when you’re cooking for kids these seem to be essentials! 

casserole dish filled with tuna pasta bake alongside salad and serving spoons.

Tuna Nicoise Salad

Another quick and healthy canned tuna recipe – you can have this salad ready in minutes. It’s filling, packed with veggies and protein and tastes GOOD! We love that this uses mainly store cupboard ingredients so it’s just easy! 

plate of tuna nicoise, green beans, rocket, boiled eggs, capers, tuna, and black olives

Tuna and Cheese Potato Wedge Melt

A total store cupboard (and freezer) meal – easy, cheesy and a tasty! Hot potato wedges with tuna, cheese, sweetcorn and peppers – you could fix this up as an easy dinner for the kids or… TV snack for you because sometimes only melted cheese and wedges will do, right?! 

tuna and cheese potato wedge melt with sweetcorn and peppers

Easy Tuna Pasta Salad

Really easy tuna pasta salad recipe! I make this as an easy dinner or for the kids to take for packed lunches instead of sandwiches. It’s fast, tastes good and has lots of added veggies. 

homemade tuna pasta salad with canned tuna, cucumbers, olives, peppers and pesto.

Tuna melt recipe 

Mmmm one of my total favourite sandwiches – tuna melts are so easy to make and always taste good. You can make these as a quick and easy midweek dinner recipe or as a snack or easy lunch. Totally upgrade your cheese on toast with this easy tuna melt recipe! 

tuna cheese melt on crusty baguettes made using canned tuna and pesto

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white plate with fish fingers arranged in a sun burst pattern. Text overlay saying "5 dinners you can make with fish fingers"
homemade tuna nicoise salad canned tuna salad recipe. Text overlay saying 5 easy meals you can make with a can of tuna fish

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