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5 simple steps to get a better nights sleep

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5 simple steps to take to get a better nights sleep, health and wellness inspiration for busy mamas

When life gets crazy busy, sometimes stress and work deadlines and the chaos of family life can take it’s toll on sleep. I’m not at my best unless I get a good nights sleep and when I’m tired, my mood and mojo suffer and then everybody knows about it….

I take back control of the situation and use 5 simple steps to ensure I get a good nights sleep and get my happy mojo back. 

Switch of technology

I switch off technology, I turn off the laptop, turn off the mobile and don’t allow myself to *just check something on social media for a minute….* 

Take a bath

I run myself a deep, warm bath, pour in the bubbles or bath oils, something with a relaxing and soothing scent. I usually follow this up with gorgeous body lotion, just for a little added pampering. 

Milky drinks

Soothing warm turmeric milk drink, health and wellness ideas for busy mamas

Milky drinks always feel soothing and relaxing, sometimes I opt for hot chocolate and sometimes turmeric milk, I just whisk together a cupful of milk, 1/2 tsp turmeric, a pinch of cinnamon and a swirl of honey in a saucepan and warm through, pour into a mug and take up to bed with me. Turmeric is a quite literally a superfood, it’s packed with goodness, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties find out more about the benefits of turmeric here.

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Well aired bedroom 

I cannot sleep in a hot stuffy bedroom, I like my room to be well aired, fresh and cool. Sleeping with the window open always means I get a better nights sleep. There’s actually a number of benefits of sleeping in a cool room from reducing insomnia to helping with weight loss – find out more cool bedroom benefits here. 

Read a book

Reading a feel good happy book always helps me to sleep better – I like to drift off with a book that I can really snuggle up with, one that whisks me into the story and makes me feel good. 

How to get a better nights sleep with these 5 simple steps, health and wellness inspiration for busy mamas

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a cup of soothing turmeric milk drink with note saying sleep tight
Warming Turmeric Milk Drink
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