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ACE Power Mousse Review

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Advertisement Feature and Review
Review – ACE Power Mousse

Stains and mess are part of family life so we’re always on the look out for products that will help us get stuff really clean!

We’ve been putting ACE Power Mousse – for whites to the test for the past few weeks on both laundry and hard surfaces and as ever – we test products to the MAX at our house!

First we tried ACE Power Mousse on fresh stains – we picked mud, Nutella, jam, honey, ketchup, cranberry juice and wrote the stain name in purple biro.

white shirt stained with spaghetti bolognese sauce and bottle of ACE power mousse stood by it. Text overlay saying "review ACE power mousse"

The second photo shows the stain rinsed under warm water and the third photo shows the stain being treated with ACE Power Mousse. 

After leaving the ACE Power Mousse to work for 5 minutes we then washed the shirt at 30 degrees using our usual washing powder. 

kids white school shirt having been stain tested and washed so stains have gone

All the stains had been removed without trace – well except the purple biro stain names…

Next we tried ACE Power Mousse on laundry with two dried in ‘old’ stains – spaghetti bolognese and permanent marker, these are quite common stains at our house and the most difficult to remove so we’d be super impressed if ACE Power Mousse shifted them! 

The ACE Power Mousse worked well at fading the bolognese stain but didn’t quite clear the permanent marker (but I didn’t think it would – nothing has done so far) 

ACE Power Mousse can also be used as a bathroom cleaner (depending on the finishes in your bathroom – always read the instructions first).

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The ACE Power Mousse worked really well as a bathroom cleaner – effortlessly powering through limescale on the sealant and cleaning the tiles and bath really well. 

ACE Power Mousse – what we liked 
  • It works really, really well as a bathroom cleaner – just zaps the dirt!
  • It was great at removing laundry stains with the exception of biro and permanent marker.
ACE Power Mousse – what we didn’t like
  • It doesn’t have a floral scent – it just smells of bleach.

Disclosure – the ACE Power Mousse was provided free of charge for the review. For full details of my disclosure policy please read here

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