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Air Fryer Accessories You Actually Need!

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Looking to up your air frying game? Check out these must-have air fryer accessories that will take your foodie creations to the next level!

We absolutely LOVE air frying! The air fryer has the ability to create crispy, flavourful dishes with minimal oil and effort! It’s simply unbeatable, and a cooking trend we can’t see fizzling out any time soon!

And over the past few months, we’ve found there are a few accessories we can’t live without!

Best Air Fryer Accessories

Silicone Tongs – Air Fryer Accessories

air fryer chicken breast foil packet being lifted from the air fryer basket using silicone tongs air fryer accessories

A set of silicone tongs make flipping food and removing it from the air fryer super easy!

It helps you to avoid burning your hands, and because they have the silicone coating, they won’t damage the air fryer basket lining.

Food Thermometer – Instant Read

For us one of the most important air fryer accessories is an instant read food thermometer. It’s non-negotiable!

It’s the quickest, safest way to check that food is thoroughly heated and cooked through properly.

buffalo chicken wings cooked in the air fryer - temperature being taken with a food thermometer air fryer accessories

We find these especially handy when air frying as quite often the cooking time is less than a traditional oven, and food is often cooked faster than you’re expecting.

Checking internal cooking temperatures with a food thermometer just gives us peace of mind.

Oil Sprayer – Air Fryer Accessories

Keeping a little oil mister on the kitchen countertop alongside the air fryer is a great idea! Just spritz the air fryer basket with a mist of oil before adding the food.

This just helps to stop the food sticking as it cooks and makes cleaning up afterwards much easier.

These bottles are easy to wash, and re-fillable.

Air Fryer Liners

When it comes to air fryer accessories that make life easier, airfryer liners are right up there! These just make cleaning up a whole lot easier!

If you’re cooking air fryer cheese and ham toasties, air fryer panini or anything with melted cheese, then using a liner will save you a whole lot of washing up.

You can also use these food grade liners to cook in, they’re great for air fryer omelettes, hunters chicken, or crustless quiches.

You do need to follow the instructions that come with these, so you can use them safely.

Air Fryer Inserts – Foil Trays

We LOVE to use foil trays for air fryer cooking. They’re perfect for pies, crumbles, loaded air fryer nachos, roasted vegetables and air fryer cookie dough dessert.

Like the paper liners, they cut down on the cleaning up and are super convenient.

air fryer cookie dough dessert served with ice cream

The benefit of the foil liners is that they’re more robust, so hold the food better than a paper liner. We buy these in multipacks and use them all the time!

Silicone Air Fryer Liner – Air Fryer Accessories

Now, these are BRILLIANT for making air fryer pasta bake or pasta sauce in the air fryer.

Using the silicone baskets you can cook up delicious, roasted vegetable pasta sauces, or do meatballs with a rich tomato sauce. They’re also great for air fryer cherry crumble!

tuna and sweetcorn pasta bake going into the air fryer to cook

If we’re making anything saucy, then the silicone liners are our go-to choice.

Air Fryer Accessories – Silicone Cooking Spoon

One thing you’ll definitely need is a silicone cooking spoon for stirring up your food as it cooks.

These are also great for spooning food out of the air fryer, for recipes like air fryer chicken fajitas or air fryer potato wedges.

The silicone spoons won’t damage the non-stick lining of the air fryer basket as they won’t scratch. So they’re an air fry essential in our eyes!

Air Fryer Racks

Air fryer racks are one of the super useful air fryer accessories if you need a little extra cooking space inside the air fryer basket, for cooking air fryer chicken kebabs or air fryer bacon or tofu.

Air Fryer Cleaning Accessories And Products

Okay, so when it comes to how to clean an air fryer, there’s a few little products and air fryer accessories that can make that job a whole lot easier!

Little crevice brushes can help to get into the tight areas on the air fryer basket grill where food can get lodged and burnt on.

Air Fryer cleaning spray for when you’ve let the grease build up and it needs a really good clean. And of course, Scrub Daddy sponges, because they’re gentle but fab for cleaning the air fryer basket!

Air Fryer Accessories For Baking

If baking in the air fryer is your thing, then grabbing yourself an air fryer baking set is a great idea!