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Amazon Dash Button Review

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As you know we love IoT gadgets here at Daisies & Pie so when Amazon Dash buttons became available in the UK we were quick to bag ourselves a few. We’ve been using them for a few months now and here’s what we’re thinking….

What is an Amazon Dash button?

If you don’t already know, Amazon Dash buttons are little brand specific buttons which you stick around you house, usually in the place you keep the actual product. They’re connected via wifi to your Amazon account. When you’re running low on stock of an item, you simply press it. Being an Amazon Prime account holder, this means that the product arrives next day.

Amazon Dash buttons cost £4.99 per button but this is credited off your first shop.

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The ‘looks bit’

Well I love them. They’re gorgeous little buttons, I’ve got them lined up in my cupboards. Each button features the brand name in it’s usual colours. I probably wouldn’t want them on display on my walls or furniture but inside cupboards works just fine for me.

The ‘usability bit’

When your button arrives you just set it up and link it to your Amazon account, it’s easy to do this with your phone – Amazon have got easy to follow instructions here. You pair each Amazon Dash button with the brand and then select the product you want to link it up to.

You can either hang or stick your Dash button in place wherever you want to keep it. Inside the relevant cupboards works well for me. But you could stick them to your appliances or walls.

Then… whenever you’re running low of that product you press the button and it turns up the next day via courier. Simple and oh so convenient.

Once the button is pressed you receive a notification via the amazon app and get chance to cancel the order within a certain time before it’s dispatched.

do I need one?

Well… you don’t ‘need’ one… but, they’re really quite awesome and if like me you’re a bit addicted to IoT and embrace home technology then you’re really going to want them! I completely love them.

Granted you ‘may’ be able to find the product cheaper if you search the internet and price compare but more often that not buying the item in bulk means that you’re usually getting it at a good price anyway. One thing to be sure of is that you have room to store your bulk buys, as for me, toilet roll now arrives in a parcel of 45 rolls.

However, one thing that I just love is not ever running out of things. It’s a convenient, quick and modern way to shop and when you’re shopping for home essentials like toilet roll, washing powder and general household goods, they’re products you just want in, not ones you want to meander around a shop choosing.

Amazon Dash buttons really work well for me, I’ve had no issues in either setting them up, sticking them to surfaces or using them. They’ve just worked, exactly like they’re supposed to.

….Oh one last thing, it would be common sense to keep them out of reach of children, just to prevent them pressing them.

Disclosure: The Amazon Dash buttons are my own purchase – for full details of my disclosure policy read here. 

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