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Bathroom cleaning kit essentials

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Bathroom cleaning ESSENTIALS to keep in at home to make sure the bathroom is squeaky clean and hygienic to use 

Bathroom Cleaning Essentials!

These are my bathroom cleaning kit essentials. When you’ve got young kids the bathroom needs to be super clean, just to stop spread of bugs and bacteria.

I try to use natural products as much as possible but do use germ busting products alongside just to tackle the toilet and germ hot spots like taps, door handles and light switches.

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Bathroom cleaning kit

  • bathroom cleaner
  • daily shower cleaner
  • floor cleaner
  • Dettol antibacterial surface cleaner 
  • bleach
  • toothbrush
  • microfibre cloths
  • toilet brush
  • window cleaner

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Which product to use for which job in the bathroom

Bathroom cleaner

I use the eco one from Method. I use this to do a super quick clean of the bath and sink every day. Just a quick spray and wipe, literally taking just a couple of minutes.

Daily shower cleaner

Again I use the eco shower spray from Method. Love this one it smells delicious, the shower is sprayed down with this after every use.

Floor cleaner

Another eco product from Method. Having young children and only a tiny bathroom, I clean the bathroom floor every day. The method cleaner is great you just squirt straight onto the floor and wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Again this just takes literally five minutes.

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Dettol antibacterial surface cleaner 

This is great for doing a really quick clean of the toilet – I spray onto the whole of the toilet and wipe clean with toilet roll which means I can flush it away when I’m done. I also give the door handles, light switches a wipe with this a couple of times a week. 


I use this to bleach the toilet several times a week, just a squirt under the rim. I also use it once a month to clean the grout on the tiles with the toothbrush.


Use this for scrubbing grout clean and for getting into any little nooks you can’t reach with a cloth.

Microfibre cloths

Have one for cleaning bath, shower, sink and tiles and another for the floor. Make sure you wash them at a high temperature after use.

Toilet brush

Obviously… for scrubbing the toilet bowl with.

Window cleaner

I use homemade window cleaner and clean the windows once a month, unless they’re looking particularly fingerprint covered, then more often. Get the window cleaner recipe here.

bottle of homemade natural window cleaner

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