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Beautiful salt dough heart bunting

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Use simple salt dough ornaments to create pretty homemade bunting – perfect as a Valentine’s Day decoration or to string up in a bedroom.

We’ve used simple salt dough which is a really versatile homemade craft product to create this beautiful salt dough heart bunting.  A brilliant craft to tie into celebrating Valentine’s  Day or just to create a pretty and unique string of bunting perfect for hanging in the bedroom.

To make the salt dough heart bunting you’ll need to three craft sessions of around 20 – 40 minutes each.

Kids Valentine’s Day Craft

What you need to make love heart bunting

  • Salt dough recipe 1 cup plain flour to 1/2 cup table salt to 1/2 cup cold water per batch.
  • Love heart shaped cookie cutter
  • Rolling pin
  • Small stick to make the hanging holes
  • Poster paints for decorating the love hearts
  • Ribbon to thread the love hearts onto.
homemade salt dough bunting in little salt dough heart shapes painted pink and blue and strung onto stripy blue and green ribbon. text "kids valentines craft - salt dough bunting -"

Love heart bunting instructions – session 1

  • Make up the salt dough – simply add the flour and salt to a mixing bowl and stir, pour in the water and mix well with a spoon. Then get your hands into the bowl and pull it all together and knead into a nice pliable dough.
young girl mixing up salt dough in a stainless steel bowl, then cutting out heart shapes and putting them onto a baking tray to harden.
  • Roll out the dough using the rolling pin until it’s around 1 – 1.5cm thick.
  • Cut out love heart shapes with the cookie cutter and place on a baking sheet.
  • Poke a hole in the top of the love hearts with the stick so that you can easily thread the ribbon later.
  • Bake the salt dough love hearts at 180C for around 10 – 20 minutes (slightly longer if the ornaments are thicker) the ornaments need to be baked until dry but don’t burn them!
  • Leave until completely cool.

How to make love heart bunting – session 2 

  • Once the ornaments are dry and cool your can then decorate them. Be as simple or elaborate as you like – let the kids express themselves.
  • Once painted let the hearts dry thoroughly then paint the other side of the love hearts and allow to dry.
simple salt dough heart ornaments painted in pretty pink and blue ready to thread onto ribbon to make bunting

How to make love heart bunting – session 3 

  • When the paint has dried you can then thread them onto string or ribbon.
homemade salt dough bunting in little salt dough heart shapes painted pink and blue and strung onto stripy blue and green ribbon. Text "beautiful salt dough heart bunting"

The bunting looks very pretty hung in the bedroom.

salt dough heart shaped ornaments threaded onto blue and green stripy ribbon to make bunting - strung from underneath a shelf

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