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Bedroom makeover – the before

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Want a little peek inside my bedroom. Prepare to be underwhelmed. It’s dull.

Things will be changing this week. Because eventually almost eleven years after moving into the house it’s time to turn my attention to the bedroom. I want to create a beautiful room, a room that feels fresh, relaxing, airy and has in all the little bits and pieces and storage solutions I need (WANT).

My bedroom has been totally neglected and I simply cannot wait to do a makeover!

These are the before shots. I’ll talk you through things…. 

  • Room size – tiny, far too small really but something I have to work with, so hopefully with a shuffle around of furniture and new colours I’ll be able to make it feel more roomy.
  • Curtains – these are Laura Ashley and really pretty but way to heavy and thick for the bedroom. The window is really quite small and the curtains seem to block out almost half the light. So they’ll be going. I’m thinking of maybe getting a simple blind to open up the space.
  • Wardrobe and chest of draws – these are from IKEA. They were bought over a decade ago (GOSH that makes me feel old) In the ideal world I’d like new ones with loads more storage but the room is too tiny for bigger furniture and as they are still in fab condition I’ll be keeping them.
  • Bedside cupboard – I love this, I bought it from a junk shop years ago, it was battered, a dark green colour and stuck under a pile of junk in a corner. It looked sad and called out to me “take me home Wendy I want to live with you” in much the same way a kitten would call to me… and so it’s here. I’m going to repaint it and breathe fresh life into it. I think it needs some nice candles and pretty little knick-knacks.
  • Bed. I hate this bed, it just feels too low and too boring…. I’ve ordered a new one a king size this time. This excites me more than any other part of the room makeover! Obviously I’ll be needing all new bedding too ‘excited face’.
  • The carpet – I hate. This was the one here when we moved in – it’s now discoloured and screams boring. I’m thinking I may get laminate floor in here – in a pale colour to reflect the light better and make it feel more airy. I’m not really a carpet person.
  • The current accessories are very limited. The lamp is from Laura Ashley and I do love it, I’m just not sure it will fit with how I want the room to be, so I’m putting it on my maybe list. The pink radio I love, it’s a keeper. The clock has never ever told the right time and yet has been given space for years… it will be going. The green vase on the windowsill was my grandmas – she always had beautiful flowers in it. I’ve mainly let it collect dust. This will change. Accessory wise I need to get more things out, to clutter up a little bit and make things cosy. The room feels cold and unwelcoming, I want to change that – I want it to become my favourite place!

So how do I want my new room to be? 

Well, obviously I’ve been pinning on Pinterest everything which has caught my eye – take a look at My Bedroom Board. I lean towards a Scandinavian feel, I like the simple airy look, but I want some more clutter. 

I want texture, I want cosy. I need some shelves to house my necessary clutter. I would like to work in some sort of dressing table, I don’t actually have room for one but I’d like some sort of ‘prettying area’. I’ll have to see what I can think of! I’d like more lights, strings of lights, reading lights and of course some candles. I want fresh flowers, I want nice rugs, I want… well everything! 

Colour wise I’m thinking shades of white for the walls and accent colours of greys and yellows… but this may change. 

I want to squeal with excitement – I just can’t wait to get started!

Check back for updates on how our bedroom makeover is getting on and for more family home ideas and easy makeover tips!

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