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Benefits of Cordless Vacuuming

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Cordless Vacuum Cleaning, Win a cordless Henry vacuum cleaner
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Cordless vacuum cleaning is the way to clean your home and a cordless vacuum is top of my home-buy list! Here’s why…

No cord

An obvious benefit of the cordless vacuum cleaner is no cord! So you’re not tied to cleaning within the cord length, nor is there a cord to trip you up or drag and catch on furniture as you clean.

Faster cleaning

With no cord and no plug, you can literally just clean, without having to keep stopping to plug/unplug the power lead. Making cleaning faster and saving you time. And when it comes to cleaning the house or workplace time saving is key!

Clean anywhere

Because you’re not restricted by a power cord you can really clean anywhere! All the little nooks and corners of your house a traditional vacuum wouldn’t be able to reach. You can also easily use it to clean your car, caravan or even garden room. 

Changes the way you clean

A cordless vacuum cleaner will change the way you clean. It appeals to my lazy side! If I know I don’t have to plug it in and drag a cable around the house, I’m far more likely to pick up the vacuum and clean little bits at regular intervals. Meaning an end to the weekly big vacuum cleaning of the whole house. It just makes life easier, and saves time with the little and often approach.

How you can win a Cordless Henry Vacuum 

Our friends at Key are giving away one Cordless Henry Vacuum Cleaner in their competition to be held on 8th June 2017. Super simple to enter and it’s one day competition so act fast! Just click on the picture below. 

Cordless Vacuum Cleaning, Win a cordless Henry vacuum cleaner

Disclaimer: This is an advert on behalf of Key. The competition Key are holding to win a Cordless Henry Vacuum is in no way related to Daisies & Pie. Full details of how to enter the competition can be found on the Key website from 8th June 2017. For full details of my disclosure policy please read here

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