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Best herbs to grow in your garden

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tomato tins planted up with basil plants.

Herbs are just so easy to grow! Start your own herb garden at home and fill it with the best herbs for using in your cooking

Why plant a herb garden?

Planting a herb garden is just such a lovely thing – especially if you’re a keen cook – there’s nothing better than gathering handfuls of fresh herbs right from your garden to use in your food. It just feels so good. 

How to start a herb garden

It’s super simple and you really don’t need that much thought or effort to get things going – you can be as simple or all out fancy as you like! 

  • Pick and area in your garden you want to use – good places to pick are around the door, on the patio or any spot that gets some sunshine during the day. 
  • Prepare the ground ready for planting – if you’re planting directly into the garden – then turn-over the soil with a garden fork and maybe add a top layer of compost.
  • If you’re making a container herb garden – fill the pots with compost and you’re ready to plant. 
  • If you’re growing your herbs from seeds then grab the guide over on RHS website – it tells you when to sow seeds, thin them, plant them outdoors etc. 
  • I tend to use little herb plants from the garden centre as I like an ‘instant’ garden. 
  • Once the herbs are planted – water them and label them.
  • Water the herbs regularly.

Can I grow herbs in containers?

Yes – totally, you can create a gorgeous herb garden using just containers and pots gathered together. Container herb gardens are suitable for balconies, tiny yards and even window boxes. You can squeeze herbs into even tiny spaces. 

Which culinary herbs are good for planting in the garden?

Flat Leaf Parsley

A lovely all round herb, easy to grow and you can use it scattered over Italian pasta dishes, chopped up finely over buttery new potatoes, scattered over grilled fish with a squeeze of lemon.

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Super easy to grow and quickly takes over! Lovely added to tomato sauces for pasta or pizza, delicious scattered onto cheese on toast or stirred into casseroles.


Another easy herb to grow. Delicious with roast chicken or fish. Nice used to flavour risotto or oven baked tomatoes.


Practically a weed – it grows like wildfire! Delicious used in Greek style dishes like tzatziki, perfect with lamb, scattered over buttery new potatoes or used to flavour gin cocktails or strawberry cordial.


A little trickier to grow and needs lots of sun – this one grows best for me on the windowsill inside the conservatory. It’s beautiful alongside fresh tomatoes or used to make pesto.


Likes lots of sun and quickly goes to seed so keep using up and scattering new seeds every week. Delicious served sprinkled over curries, chopped and added to salad or used with yogurt to marinate meat.


Super easy to grow and tasty snipped into salad, on boiled eggs, omelettes or salmon and scattered over buttery boiled new potatoes.

DIY herb garden plant markers 

Add a little personality to your herb garden and create little painted pebble plant markers to decorate it. This is something the kids love to help out with.

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Tips for making the most of your herb garden

  • keep the costs low and shop around for your containers – supermarkets, IKEA and shops like The Range and Wilkinson all sell low cost garden ranges at this time of year. Or you could repurpose pots or old buckets from around the house. 
  • for instant results buy small herb plants – again shop around try the smaller independent garden centres or nurseries where you often get more for your money. You can even plant up the culinary herbs available from the supermarket especially if they’re sat on your kitchen windowsill looking a little bedraggled.
  • plant herbs you know you like to eat.

Herby recipes for you to try with your home grown herbs

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