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Best Summer Wines 2021

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Advertisement Feature – Summer Wines

Summer is the time for picnics, BBQs and parties in the garden, beach days and al fresco dining. And we’ve put together our list of the best summer wines to enjoy this summer.

After the crazy times recently we’re planning on enjoying the summer and hopefully spending many lazy days sat in the sunshine outdoors.

Summertime is perfect for get-togethers and little parties in the garden, or just enjoying eating dinner outdoors in the last of the balmy evening sunshine.

So we’ve rounded up the best summer wines to enjoy this year. Along with some delicious summery food pairings that go perfectly with refreshing, crisp white wines, lighter reds and of course fizz.

It just isn’t summer without a glass of fizz!

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Summer Wines – Which Red Wine Is Best For Summer?

wines for summer 2021 - Orlandi Contucci Ponno, La Regia Specula 2017 | Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOCG poured into blue glasses and served alongside salami pizza and bowl of marinated olives

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo – this is absolutely a great red wine for summer.

It has a fragrant aroma of blackberries and strawberries yet also chocolate-y. As you sip it you’ll discover it’s delicious blueberry pie flavours.

Montepulciano has a high tannin content that leaves a notable dry feeling in your mouth. So it pairs super well with fatty foods.

It’s a great BBQ wine, perfect sipped alongside a really good homemade juicy beef burger, loaded with toppings that drip down your face as you take a bite.

Or… slightly more elegantly, you could enjoy the wine alongside a wood fired Italian pizza topped with salami, prosciutto, creamy mozzarella and drizzled generously with olive oil.

It’s a very drinkable, everyday red that’s just a delight to sip with summery BBQ foods.

Buy it here – Independent Wine – priced at £16.54 a bottle.

Summer Wines – What White Wine Is Best For Summer?

Wild Thing Sauvignon Blanc summer wine 2021 poured into two glasses and served alongside crispy beer battered prawns with a garlic mayonnaise dip

Wild Thing Sauvignon Blanc – Sauvignon Blanc is a really great summer wine. It’s a fresh, crisp, lively dry white wine that pairs so well with summery food.

A great summer wine to serve alongside grilled or BBQ fish, it goes perfectly with any salads and it’s a great choice for serving with tapas. Like these delicious crispy prawns with garlic mayonnaise dip.

A nice refreshing wine, really enjoyable to sip. Nice served super chilled on a summers evening.

Buy it here – Vintage Roots – priced at £8.75 a bottle

bottle of Mimo-Moutinho-Portuguese-Vinho-Verde - wines for summer 2021

Mimo Moutinho Portuguese Vinho Verde – a fruity little white with a slight spritz finish. And a steal at just £4.99 a bottle!

Mimo Moutinho is crafted using Loureiro grapes from Portugal’s northern Vinho Verde region. A fruity wine with touches of melon, lime and apple.

It’s a mildly acidic wine making it a great accompaniment for seafood or a late evening creamy risotto eaten soaking up the last of the sunshine.

We think this goes so well with BBQ seafood – chargrilled salmon steaks, monkfish kebabs or simply prawn skewers.

Buy it here – Aldi – priced at £4.99 a bottle

Kurtatsch Gewürztraminer wine poured into glasses and served alongside a spicy Szechuan chicken noodle salad

Kurtatsch Gewürztraminer 2019 | Alto Adige DOC – a dry honeyed wine with a tropical finish

We’re newly converted to Gewürztraminer and it’s smooth creamy finish. Aromas of lychee, passion fruit, guava and blood orange, the wine really has a summery tropical vibe.

It’s a wine that will really hold its own when paired with spicy food. It works well with Indian cuisines, Szechuan dishes and also sweet roasted vegetables or spicy seafood numbers.

We like to pair Gewürztraminer with our simply gorgeous Szechuan chicken noodle salad. This super simple summery salad really packs a flavour and is easy to make, great for eating alongside a bottle of Gewürztraminer.

Buy it here – Independent Wines – priced £17.93 a bottle

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Summery Rosé Wines

Domaine Bousquet Rosé wine poured into glasses and served alongside a sweet chilli salmon salad and bowl of strawberries - wines for summer 2021

Domaine Bousquet Rosé – a fabulous bold rosé a blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon that’s a delight alongside summery food.

A fresh tasting rosé wine that’s great sipped on it’s own and is perfect served with asian food, stinky cheeses and seafood salads.

The Domaine Bousquet Rosé has an aroma of stone fruit – cherries and plums and has a lovely fresh, slightly sweet taste.

We love to pair this one with our sweet chilli salmon salad for an effortless summery evening meal.

Buy it here – Vintage Roots – priced at £11.75 a bottle

Aldi Prosecco Rose - wines for summer 2021

Prosecco Rosé DOC – this one is the party starter! A beautifully aromatic wine with long-lasting bubbles.

Aldi’s Prosecco Rosé is the perfect way to start your party or gathering. Great served with little party canapés as your friends arrive.

Made from a blend of Italian Glera and Pinot Noir grapes. It offered floral aromas and has hints of strawberries and peach. An excellent summer fizz, there’s always a bottle of this chilling in our fridge.

Buy it here – Aldi – priced at £6.49 a bottle

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