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A great big pan of beef chilli for feeding a crowd

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A lovely dish of beef chilli with added jalapeño

It’s autumn, it’s started to turn a bit chilly, there’s a nip in the air and I love it. I love coming home to a cosy autumn home, nice lamps casting a warm glow,  candles flickering, pulling on woollen jumpers and cooking really homely food – stews, casseroles anything I can happily dip fresh crusty bread into.

Friends around for dinner and nothing feeds a crowd like a great big pan of chilli. I cook this in my enormous black Le Creuset, it’s a little bit like a cauldron and it feels great to cook in, I like to think the meal may turn out just a little bit magical. This beef chilli is a really easy family recipe.

I give the chilli a lovely smoky flavour with the addition of smoked paprika and an extra depth of flavour by adding Green & Blacks cocoa powder – just wow!


Beef chilli is delicious served with plain boiled basmati rice, crusty bread and a dollop of homemade guacamole. Real family food.



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