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Bottled Cocktail Company – Review

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Advertisement Feature – Bottled Cocktail Company

You can get the whole mixology vibe at home with the Bottled Cocktail Co’s fine array of premium bottled cocktails.

The Bottled Cocktail Co offer a range of bottled pre-mixed cocktails which means no difficult cocktail making, and no need to stock up the home drinks cabinet with spirits!

The drinks are all bottled at sipping strength so you can enjoy them neat, on the rocks, or with your favourite mixer.

We really like the idea of great quality premixed cocktails. It means you can spend more time enjoying the drinks and a whole lot less time faffing around in the kitchen making them.

So that’s zero effort measuring, stirring, mixing and shaking cocktails and a whole lot more time with your guests and less mess!

Bottled Cocktail Company Elderflower Highball cocktail in the bottle alongside a glass of the cocktail filled with ice and garnished with sprig of rosemary. Text overlay reads "advertisement feature"

You’ll pretty much just need glasses, ice and the occasional mixer like tonic water, lemonade or Prosecco which is just delicious with the Elderflower Highball.

Bottled Cocktail Co.

We tried out the following bottled cocktails and they’re perfect for festive parties!

Elderflower Highball

This is a fresh, zesty, floral drink featuring London Gin, Elderflower and lime.

We mixed this with Prosecco and served with plenty of ice and a herby garnish. It’s a really lovely, refreshing cocktail. Light and breezy.

You could also serve this cocktail neat over ice. Or mix with lemonade or tonic water for a long drink.

Old Fashioned – Bottled Cocktail

Bottled Cocktail Company Old Fashioned in the bottle alongside two wooden whisky tumblers filled with Old fashioned cocktail. Small pot plant is on the table next to the drinks. Text overlay reads "advertisement feature"

This really felt like a cocktail to be enjoyed on a cold and wintery day. One to warm you up from the inside!

Featuring Bourbon Whisky, aromatic bitters, Tahitian vanilla and Labdanum. The Old Fashioned is an earthy, smoky, rich, deep flavoured cocktail with a spiced finish.

This cocktail is best served cold from the fridge neat. You can serve over ice, but we preferred this one neat.

El Presidente

Bottled Cocktail Company El Presidente cocktail in a bottle next to a glass of the cocktail filled with ice cubes. Text overlay reads "advertisement feature"

A classic Cuban cocktail with aged rum, sweet vermouth, triple sec and pomegranate.

This is a delicious cocktail. Super rich, full bodied flavours, with a mixed taste of honey, spices, vanilla and molasses.

Serve on its own, no mixer required. Just pour over ice and enjoy.

Bottled Cocktail Co

After trying out the pre-bottled cocktails – we were suitably impressed. The drinks are great quality and the flavours of the mixes shine through and have not been lost.

I’d say a couple of bottles of your favourites would be a fun addition to your drink collection. Great for when entertaining or celebrating at home.

The bottled cocktails offer all the tastes, flavours and vibes of a true mixology experience in your kitchen. We’d give them the thumbs up!

Buy Bottled Cocktail Co pre-mixed cocktails here.

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