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Bring on the comfort food!

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Let’s bring on the comfort food! It’s cold, wet and windy. I want hearty filling tasty meals. Here’s our round up of mouthwatering winter warmers.

A week of comfort food, delicious family dinner recipes perfect for fall and winter, easy wholesome and oh so tasty
Sausage & cider casserole with colcannon 

A delicious combination of slowly cooked sausages and cider served over a mountain of colcannon. Real home cooking. Get the sausage & cider recipe here. 

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Mexican shepherds pie

Grab your fork and tuck in to our perfect combination of chilli topped with fluffy cheesy mashed potatoes. The chilli contains loads of hidden veggies so it’s great for getting kids to eat their 5-a-day. Get the Mexican shepherds pie recipe here. 

Mexican Shepherd's Pie, Mexican Shepherd's Pie recipe, fusion comfort food, things to make with beef mince, easy family dinner, daisies and pie
Chicken & chorizo stew with buttered gnocchi 

Oh lick your lips! Chicken and chorizo simmered in a stew with tomatoes, chickpeas and fresh spinach. It’s amazing served over hot butter gnocchi or if your feeling lazy just some crusty bread to mop up the juices. Get the chicken and chorizo stew recipe here. 

chicken and chorizo one pot recipe, easy family food from Daisies and Pie
Easy slow cooker spaghetti bolognese

What’s more comforting than a dish of spaghetti scattered with parmesan? Bolognese is always a huge hit with the kids – just serve with a side of garlic bread and maybe some peas and corn. Can’t go wrong! Get the slow cooker spaghetti bolognese recipe here. 

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Real Lancashire potato hash

This is proper northern food! A one pot classic of meat, potatoes and vegetables. Super easy to make. Just serve with pickled red cabbage or beetroot for the ultimate comfort food hit! Get the Lancashire potato hash recipe here. 

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Traditional shepherds pie

A super tasty savoury lamb mince topped with fluffy mashed potatoes – an easy to make family dinner that the kids just love, serve with a side of pickled red cabbage or beetroot and lots of buttered bread. Get the traditional shepherds pie recipe here. 

easy shepherds pie recipe, lamb mince recipe, how to make shepherds pie, easy family food from daisies and pie
Lancashire hotpot

Cook up a delicious traditional Lancashire hotpot, a rich slowly cooked lamb stew, topped with sliced potatoes and crisped up in the oven, this old style classic is delicious, filling and a great family meal. Get the Lancashire hotpot recipe here. 

traditional lancashire hotpot recipe, easy lancashire hotpot recipe, how to make proper hotpot, easy family food from daisies and pie
A week of comfort food, delicious family dinner recipes perfect for fall and winter, easy wholesome and oh so tasty

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