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Camping sleepover

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wooden camping pod in the woods with cath kidston flowery windbreak and bunting. Text overlay saying "plan the perfect camping sleepover"


A camping sleepover in the garden is almost a right of passage – it’s a brilliant way for friends to bond and have fun together and experience the excitement of a night out under the stars. A camping sleepover is a great outdoor kids activity. All kids should be free range kids! 

What you need:
  • tents (or enough huge sheets, blankets and rope for the homemade variety).
  • sleeping bags & pillows.
  • lighting – torches, fairy lights or solar powered lanterns.
  • firewood or charcoal for the chimnea/BBQ and matches.
  • supper food (I recommend sausages, bread rolls and ketchup).
  • marshmallows and biscuits if you’re making smores.
  • plenty of drinks – cartons are best as they don’t tend to spill as much when knocked over.
  • telephone numbers of all the kids parents and list of allergies.
  • a few spare teddies in case any are forgotten.
  • breakfast food – fruit juice & cereal or maybe pastries.
  • a comfortable camp bed for yourself if you are sleeping outdoors too.
  • a sense of humour

What you do:
  • Once the kids arrive get them all involved in putting up the tents or making the dens
  • Sort out who is sleeping where and get all the beds ready.
  • Light the BBQ/Chimnea if you are cooking outdoors.
  • Cook supper.
  • Make smores.
  • Tell scary stories
  • Sing
  • Sleep…..
  • Make breakfast
  • Send them home.
  • Chill out & bask in glory of being a *cool parent*

Hints & tips:
  • This is an activity best suited to older children age 10+.
  • Make sure you supervise any BBQ/Cooking/fires
  • It’s best to do this activity with at least 4 children.
  • Try to let the children make it their own evening – don’t interfere too much.
  • Get them all involved in setting up & tidying up – helping out and doing things for themselves boosts confidence.

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