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Bonfire Night Ideas – great things to do and eat to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night with a bang! Try our easy homemade bonfire night recipes.

Remember, remember the 5th of November with our delicious homemade chocolate bark with a a sparkling fire cracker theme. 

Tuck into delicious pasta pots and smoky sausages.

Eat your way through our delicious traditional Guy Fawkes’ Night food ideas.

Delicious black peas to Lancashire potato hash. Try our homemade sticky toffee apples.  Warming food to eat whilst you watch the firework displays and stand around the fire. 

Don’t forget to try out our easy firework cookies or great firework themed kids crafts to really get the kids in the mood. 

Smoky Pulled Pork – Bonfire Night Food

Advertisement Feature – I’m working in a paid relationship with BritMums and Love Pork highlighting Perfect Pulled Pork Recipes. Celebrate Bonfire Night with our melt-in-the-mouth Smoky Pulled Pork in bread rolls with homemade coleslaw. It’s an easy, handheld food you can eat inside or out! Perfect for Bonfire Night parties. Pulled Pork is one of …

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Sausage Bap With Boozy Caramelised Onions

When it comes to making the perfect sausage bap – our recipe nails it! Soft fluffy bread rolls stuffed with juicy sausages and topped with boozy caramelised onions. Our sausage butty is just TOO GOOD! Our sausage baps are just AMAZING! We make them using Fletchers Barmcakes and if you live in Manchester/Lancashire then believe …

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