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Easy slow cooker vegetarian chilli

A delicious, filling, easy slow cooker vegetarian chilli recipe that’s bursting with flavour, healthy and really easy to prepare and cook! Slow cooker vegetarian chilli is a very economical, filling easy family recipe. It’s a great way to get kids to eat loads of veggies – even my reluctant vegetable eater always seems happy to …

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Slow cooker chicken noodles

  Another economical and easy family recipe – perfect for January cooking when it’s nice to have things easy, good value and organised… I use a slow cooker that has a pan you can use on the hob to get things started so there is no transferring food from a pan to the slow cooker. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:60] …

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Sprout and bacon spaghetti

  Give the humble sprout and little festive Italian twist and cook up a panful of delicious spicy sprout and bacon spaghetti – so easy and oh so tasty.      Love bacon? Get more delicious recipes with bacon right here Get loads more easy dinner recipes here Browse all our meat recipes here Get loads more delicious easy pasta …

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