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Slow cooker vegetable biriyani

This recipe was created as part of a challenge by Sainsbury’s to cook great family food using their Basics range. The slow cooker vegetable biriyani is a great economical and easy family recipe. I made this into a mildly spiced vegetable biriyani so it would be suitable for my young children.The biriyani is loaded with …

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Easy slow cooker vegetarian chilli

A delicious, filling, easy slow cooker vegetarian chilli recipe that’s bursting with flavour, healthy and really easy to prepare and cook! Slow cooker vegetarian chilli is a very economical, filling easy family recipe. It’s a great way to get kids to eat loads of veggies – even my reluctant vegetable eater always seems happy to …

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Slow cooker chicken noodles

  Another economical and easy family recipe – perfect for January cooking when it’s nice to have things easy, good value and organised… I use a slow cooker that has a pan you can use on the hob to get things started so there is no transferring food from a pan to the slow cooker. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:60] …

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