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Ceramic Baking Tray & Roasting Set Review

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Advertisement Feature – Masterclass Ceramic Baking Tray

We put Masterclass Smart Ceramic Baking Tray and Roasting Set to the test! And here’s what we thought!

Firstly, I hold my hands up I’ve never cooked on ceramic baking tray or roasting tins. I’ve always used plain non-stick teflon coated baking sheets and enamel roasting tins.

So trying out the new smart ceramic superior non-stick technology was really new to me!

First up – let me run you through the issues I have with the teflon coated baking sheets… they chip, they ruin in the dishwasher, often ending up with rust patches and the coating peels off.

As soon as the non-stick coating starts to peel off, I throw them away as I’m never sure about bits of teflon in my food… And so I end up buying and replacing baking trays a couple of times a year!

So it was definitely time for a change!

masterclass ceramic baking and roasting set in the box

What’s Included In the Masterclass Five Piece Ceramic Baking And Roasting Set

  • Deep roasting tin – easily big enough for a leg of lamb
  • Large ceramic baking tray – great for family dinners
  • Small ceramic baking tray – ideal for cooking 2 salmon fillets
  • Cooling rack
  • Ceramic bun tray – perfect for cupcakes or little egg muffins
five piece masterclass ceramic baking and roasting tin set

Where to buy – you can buy the ceramic bakeware from the Masterclass website, Amazon and large department stores.

Masterclass Five Piece Ceramic Baking Tray And Roasting Set

Here’s my initial thoughts and favourite key features of the Masterclass ceramic bakeware set!

Superior Non-Stick Technology

And I mean superior! The baking trays and roasting tins need very little added oil or grease to stop the food sticking.

The food is literally gliding around the baking trays! Which is really a novelty when I’ve spent years applying lots of grease and still ending up chipping it from the tray!

The ceramic baking trays are just fantastic to use! The food just lifts off easily once cooked.

Super Easy To Clean!

Well, with all that great non-stick technology, these baking trays and ceramic roasting tins are ridiculously easy to clean!

I was super surprised at just how simple they were to wash. They are dishwasher safe but I prefer to hand wash baking sheets and roasting tins.

And they came clean with just a quick wipe over with hot soapy water! Even the roasting tins which had cooked meat and roast potatoes. No scrubbing, no chipping at burnt on bits of food. Just wipe and done! I was super impressed!

Nesting System For Space Saving Storage

All the items in the ceramic baking tray and roasting set nest together inside one another for super neat, compact storage. Which is fantastic if you’re limited on space like I am!

The trays fit seamlessly together inside one another and so can all be stored together in a neat bundle.

ceramic baking and roasting tin set

Ceramic Baking Tray And Roasting Set Key Features

  • Fantastic non-stick coating, that really works
  • Less grease and oil required for cooking – so healthier!
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Super easy to hand wash – just wipe clean easily
  • Nesting system so store neatly and compactly saving space
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Heat resistant to 400C
ceramic baking tray and roasting tray set

Masterclass Ceramic Baking Tray And Roasting Set Review

I was genuinely impressed with this bakeware set sent for review. Obviously I’ve only been using the bakeware set for a few weeks, but have been really happy with how it’s performed so far, both for cooking with and cleaning.

So impressed I bought some more pieces from the collection, and picked up the 9 inch tin which is a great size for brownies and also a loaf tin, for baking loaves of bread and yummy banana bread.

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ceramic baking tray being used to make sheet pan chicken fajitas

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