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Chinese Dragon Mask Craft For Kids

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Looking for a fun and easy craft to do with your kids? Try making a Chinese dragon mask craft! Follow these step by step instructions for a colorful and creative activity.

It’s so much fun to make a fiery dragon mask and it’s a lovely little craft to help children to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Our dragon mask craft is great for getting kids to be more creative and imaginative, it’s a great roleplay activity, and the masks are a great fun to play with.

What You Need To Make Our Dragon Mask Craft

All the craft supplies you’ll need to create your very own dragon mask

toddler holding up a dragon mask craft they've made

How To Make A Dragon Mask

Step by step instructions for making our dragon craft

Step 1 – make the eye holes

  • Cut out triangle eye holes in the paper plate.

Step 2 – paint the dragon mask craft face red

  • Grab the red paint and paint the dragon face bright red. You could colour in the plates with crayons if you prefer.
paper plate painted red with eye holes cut out in triangles

Step 3 – cut out the dragon mask craft features

  • Get the metallic red and gold card and cut out the dragon features – you will need, dragon horns, golden dragon spikes (big and small), and a big golden mouth.

Step 3 – stick on the dragon features

  • Stick the red horns and big golden spikes to the top of the dragon mask head.
  • Then stick on the golden mouth and smaller spikes for teeth. You can also draw on some dragon nostrils here too.

Step 4 – add the fiery breath to your dragon mask craft

child sticking decorations onto a dragon mask craft
  • Stick the strips of fabric, cellophane or ribbon onto the base of the dragon mask – these will be the dragons fiery breath!

Step Five – decorate with stars

  • Finish off your dragon mask by decorating with shiny golden stars. You could also add glitter here too!

Step Six – add the popsicle stick handle

  • Attach the popsicle stick to the bottom or side at the back of the mask so that it can be held up in front of your face.

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chineses dragon mask instructions, child sticking decorations onto a dragon mask craft for kids

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Further tips and learning opportunities to explore

This is one of those great Chinese New Year crafts to get busy with in the classroom

  • If you’re making the dragon mask craft with very young children and are short on time, prepare all the cutting out and shapes prior to starting the activity.
  • Older children and those more confident in scissor skills will like to do the cutting out themselves.
  • Use the dragons head masks in imaginative play, making up a crazy fun dragon dance or as part of Chinese New Year celebrations.

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Chinese New Year dragon mask craft for kids

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