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Christmas Day Dessert For Christmas Pudding Haters!

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Christmas pudding haters step this way! We’ve got 30 Christmas Day Dessert ideas that are perfect for you pudding haters!

Christmas pudding just isn’t everyones cup of tea. But that doesn’t mean missing out on a tasty pudding altogether!

So here’s a few totally delicious, stunning festive desserts you can serve instead of the traditional Christmas pudding that will be just as special and just as tasty to eat!

Choose from decadent cakes and sticky puddings, to elegant Italian Christmas desserts or plump for super cute brownies in the shape of Christmas trees and reindeer.

We’ve got cheesecakes, gingerbread desserts, fruit enriched breads and of course holiday trifle! You’ll be spoilt for choice with this huge selection of Christmas Day Dessert ideas!

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Christmas Day Dessert Ideas

If you hate Christmas Pudding then step this way for some delicious alternative Christmas Day dessert ideas.

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And don’t forget if you’re cooking the Christmas dinner this year we’ve got a whole range of easy Christmas side dishes for you to try out – super easy to prepare and cook!

Check out our Christmas carrots, parsnips, red cabbage and spout side dishes – so yummy!

And we’ve scaled the recipe to feed 4, 6, 8 and 12 so it’s super handy!

And to be super organised with not only Christmas Day dessert but with the whole of your Christmas food and drink shopping you can get our handy Christmas Shopping List Printable right here.

A complete list of everything you’ll need for the holiday season, and I’ll bet there’s things on the list you’d forgotten all about!

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Happy Christmas all and enjoy your pudding!