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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

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Christmas gift ideas for kids that they’ll actually love!

I just love buying the kids Christmas gifts, but.. in amongst the tech gifts and toys I like to add a few extras like books and STEM toys – something screen free and interesting!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

First up BOOKS! I’m a big believer that kids can just never have too many books! The more books the better – we’ve been checking out a few new releases and they’ll definitely be making the stockings this year.

cartoon snowman with blue snowy sky and moon. Text "Christmas gift ideas for kids"

Books to buy for kids this Christmas

Be a Narwhal – by Sara Ford

Be a Narwhal and Be a Unicorn books by Sara Ford

Oh my goodness this book is just lovely! Be a Narwhal by Sara Ford is just a little book BURSTING with positivity and feel good ideas. Narwhal is all about success and working hard to get there. Written in a totally relatable way that kids can really take on board. Let Narwhal show your kids (and you) the secrets to a life well lived.

Kind of like a mini self help/motivational book we think this would appeal to kids from around 6 years old all the way up to adults! We think it goes perfectly with the fun and positive Be a Unicorn book too!

Be a Narwhal is available on Amazon here

The Star in the Forest – Helen Kellock

the star in the forest book by Helen Kellock

This magical little book takes you on an adventure with two sisters Pip and Maisie from the cosy warmth of their grandparents cottage in the forest to a nighttime adventure searching through the dark forest for the bright light they saw fall from the sky – eventually they find the star!

This is a gloriously atmospheric book, perfect for children aged 3-7 years – beautifully illustrated and just oh so lovely as a bedtime story whilst snuggled warm in bed.

The Star in the Forest is available on Amazon here

The Book of Big Science Ideas – Freya Hardy

the book of big science ideas - freya hardy

Well we just LOVE this book. It’s packed to bursting with STUFF – all sorts of science stuff that kids just love to absorb and be inspired by.

Loads of scientific ideas are covered like atoms, the solar system, gravity and energy and even more modern scientific discoveries like AI and genetics.

It really is jam packed with information and written in a really engaging, interesting way with bright and colourful images which really appeal to kids.

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We think this book is suitable for kids aged 8-12 years old but… we’d still gift it from around age 6 years – doesn’t harm to start early – right?

The Big Book of Science Ideas is available on Amazon here

Danny’s Dream – Victor Margiotta – illustrated by Ian Parker

Danny's Dream by Victor Margiotta on a scion for cushion next to a jellycat rabbit

Danny’s Dream is a beautifully inspiring book. The story follows a little boy called Danny who has big ambitions to become an Olympic athlete and win gold medals for running.

Danny unfortunately suffers an accident which leaves him wheelchair bound – however he battles through and learns to live with his disability and develops the strength of mind to overcome it and go on to be a Paralympian.

The kids were totally absorbed by the story – touched by the sadness and really followed Danny’s determination to overcome his situation and to still achieve his dreams.

What makes this book even more special is that it’s illustrated by mouth and foot painter, Ian Parker. I found the book opened up natural channels of discussion about disability and differences. A good thought provoking book, which helps kids to not only appreciate what they have in life but to also be more mindful of the lives of others and see life from a different perspective.

We think this book is suitable for kids aged 8-10 years old.

Danny’s Dream is available from MFPA here.

Cities Around the World – Lucy Menzies – illustrated by Tilly

Cities Around the World book

Cities Around the World is a totally lovely book and makes a great Christmas gift. Packed with bright, bold, colourful illustrations this book takes kids on a world tour.

With 12 cities features – each page is totally absorbing, with things to find and look at on every inch of the page. The illustrations are so beautifully detailed they really capture the kids attention. It’s a book they can read and look at alone or enjoy with you.

We think this book is suitable for children aged 6-9 years old.

Cities Around the World is available on Amazon here.

STEM Gifts to Buy for Kids this Christmas

Letterbox Lab Science Subscription Box for Kids

We just think the Letterbox Lab science subscription box is a BRILLIANT idea – a great Christmas gift for family or friends to buy for kids. Each month a little box packed with science experiments and investigations comes through the door.

The kits are great value for money – you can choose from two different types for your little one – The Investigate Club suitable for kids aged 8-12 years old, priced at £22.50 a box or The Explorer Club suitable for kids aged 6-12 years old, priced at £9.50 a box.

boy doing science experiments from the Letterbox lab science subscription box

Each box comes filled with everything you need to conduct your own scientific projects – including a simple to follow instruction book.

boy doing science experiments from the Letterbox lab science subscription box

We think these science kits are brilliant for kids and they really did tempt them away from screens and got them busy with science and best of all the kids loved them too!

Find out more about Letterbox Lab Science Subscription Boxes here

Mud & Bloom – Nature Subscription Box for Kids

Mud & Bloom kids subscription box contents

Mud & Bloom nature subscription boxes are just fantastic – the little boxes are packed to bursting with nature inspired activities from arts and crafts to growing your own vegetables. It’s a brilliant way to help inspire kids to get outdoors and connect with nature.

young boy planting poppy seeds in the garden

The boxes offer a simple, well curated box of crafts that combines nature and art perfectly and presents it in a genuinely interesting way. Ideal for children aged 4-8 years old and they make such a lovely Christmas gift.

There’s a range of subscription options over on the Mud & Bloom website for either single boxes or sibling boxes. You can read our previous Mud & Bloom review and see exactly what’s in the box here.

Find out more about Mud & Bloom subscription boxes here.

Mindfulness Gifts to Buy for Kids this Christmas

So Magic – Wonder Magic Garden

So Magic Magic Wonder Garden  box

We really liked this Wonder Magic Garden from So Magic – it’s such a relaxing toy to play with, perfect for quiet time.

You can design your little Wonder Magic Garden any style you like using the little sachets of coloured sand. Fill your zen pool with the blue slime. Scatter your little jewels and literally play for hours creating a perfect little zen garden for your little characters to play in.

And let me tell you making little patterns in the sand was really relaxing. It’s a lovely tactile, sensory toy and really helped to create a moment of calm in busy days. The kids were totally absorbed in playing with it.

We also loved that the terrarium tree actually grew bright pink little flowery decorations overnight!

So Magic - Magic Wonder Garden set up with the little terrarium tree, sand and gel pool

The So Magic – Wonder Magic Garden is available on Amazon here

Super Cute Fairisle Knitted Bobble Hats

Great Ormond Street Hospital charity knitted fairisle bobble hats

There’s nothing cuter than kids in little bobble hats and we just LOVE these gorgeous knitted fairisle bobble hats from the Great Ormond Street Hospital shop – 100% profits go to supporting children from all over the UK at Great Ormond Street Hospital. These are great value – just £6.50 and they make a lovely stocking filler.

GOSH Knitted Fairisle Bobble Hats are available from the GOSH shop here

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Happy Christmas Shopping!

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