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Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

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When you’ve exhausted the games consoles and latest computer games – here’s some great ideas for Christmas gifts for teenage boys.

What to buy teenage boys for Christmas

Escape Room The Game

escape room the game

Oh we just LOVE the idea of an Escape Room GAME! Building on the Escape Room craze sweeping the UK, Escape Room: The Game incorporates all elements you’d find within an Escape Room environment but can be played in the comfort of your own home!

Escape Room – The Game offers three different adventures with varying levels of difficulty – and let me tell you this game is competitive! Brilliant fun and a great game to play with uber-competitive teens! The atmosphere was TENSE!

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The game is suitable for aged 16+.

Escape Room – The Game is available to buy on Amazon here

Grub Frostline – Insulated Wellington Boots

grub wellies from internet gardener in the garden in fronton a bush

If you’ve a teenage boy them you’re going know just how many times they totally trash their trainers traipsing them through the mud… which is why we think these Grubs Wellington Boots make a really excellent Christmas gift for teen boys!

Grubs Wellington Boots are really well made, great quality boots – mid length makes it easier to slip them on and off without effort. The boots contain a polyester fleece and SUPER-DRI lining so your teens feet will be warm and cosy. The wellington boots also have have a removable NITROCELL bubble structure in the foot bed for added cushioning and insulation.

And as I know only too well… warm comfortable feet = less complaining!

Grubs Wellington Boots available at Internet Gardener here (currently on offer!?*

*boots on offer with £15 discount correct at time of publishing

Hugo Boss Bath Robe

hugo boss kimono style bath robe in grey marl

Christmas always means a new bath robe or pyjamas – and teenage boys are alllllll about the labels! Which is why we just love this Hugo Boss grey marl bath robe – super soft, great quality and sure to see them through their teenage years.

Buy the Hugo Boss bath robe here

The Territory

The Territory book by Sarah Govett

The Territory is the first in a BRILLIANTLY gripping trilogy of books by Sarah Govett. We think teens will be absolutely hooked by these books.

Set in 2059 where unchecked global warming means that half of Britain is under water. When you hit 15 you have to sit an exam. Pass and you stay on the dry land, The Territory, but fail and you’re sent to the malarial Wetlands, for a life of misery if not certain death.

What’s worse is that the system’s not even fair as the richest people can pay for a Node in the back of their kid’s neck which allows them to upload information straight from a computer into their brain.

It’s a three part thriller that’s just un-put-downable!

The Guardian called in ‘the 1984 of our time’ and Booktrust described it as ‘a truly exceptional novel’. Emma Thompson is also a fan: ‘I love reading Sarah Govett. She’s whip-smart, funny and by focusing on the hope and energy of the youth makes me feel better about these dark times.’

The Territory by Sarah Govett is available to buy on Amazon here

Pokémon Poké Ball Speaker 

Pokémon Poké Ball Speaker in red and white

We just love the new Pokémon Poké Ball speaker – let kids listen to music wherever they like with this wireless speaker. Powered through a battery it is also rechargeable with a supplied USB cable. The speaker also has a TF micro SD card slot. 

The Pokémon Poké Ball speaker is available to buy on Amazon here

Stocking Filler – Colgate Bamboo Toothbrush

colgate bamboo toothbrush

For the eco-conscious teen we think these bamboo toothbrushes from Colgate are a fab little stocking filler. Made from sustainable bamboo the handle is 100% biodegradable. And to protect it from water damage or mould there’s a natural beeswax coating. We also like the charcoal infused bristles and stylish handle design.

The new bamboo toothbrushes are priced at just £4 each and available from supermarkets, Boots and Superdrug. We think these are a great little stocking filler.

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Happy Christmas Shopping!

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