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Christmas Home Security Tips

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Advertisement Feature – Christmas Home Security Tips

Christmas Home Security Tips

The festive season is approaching so quickly. Many of us have our Christmas trees up already. But before we get too excited and carried away with our festive plans to visit friends and family, there’s something important we all need to do.

And that’s making sure we’re on top of our home’s security. It sounds boring, right? But Christmas is a boom time for burglars.

So, follow these handy home security tips and make Christmas one to remember for the right reasons!

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Making Your Home Unattractive To Burglars

The first thing you should know is a burglar judges a house by its looks. What does that mean? Well, a house that doesn’t look well-cared for is of interest to a burglar.

This is because they assume you haven’t maintained doors and windows, therefore making it easier to break in. They’ll also assume you haven’t spent money on good locks or an alarm. 

But wait, there’s more! A poorly maintained home may have overgrown hedges or shrubs which offer extra cover for the burglar to hide behind. Think about it, if high hedges prevent neighbours or passers by seeing into your home, then they also prevent them from seeing anyone loitering or breaking in.

So, even if it’s superficial, get your home’s exterior tidied up! Trim back hedges and shrubs. Paint doors and gates, and clean windows. 

Stepping Up Home Security At Christmas

Christmas is the time when we like to put the tree up by the window and stack our presents underneath. But did you know that this is just what burglars are looking for? So, it’s best to keep those presents out of sight until the big day.

Going out for the evening or over the weekend? Don’t leave your home looking empty! Lighting timers are inexpensive and keep your home looking occupied.

Alternatively, ask a neighbour to switch lights on and off, and open and close curtains for you.

Finally, check if your windows and doors are secure enough. Ideally, windows should have locks on them, and doors should have five lever mortice deadlocks fitted.

But don’t stop there. Think about garden security. Makes sure fences are secure and gates locked. If you have a shed, make sure it’s secure. Especially if you use it to store items such as ladders. Burglars can use them to help them break in.

Extra Security Steps To Take

There are ways to make your home even more secure this Christmas too. Installing CCTV cameras or alarms will help keep intruders out and give you peace of mind while you’re away visiting your loved ones.

Alarms can cost between £200 and £800 to install in your home. But the cost of your presents and valuables is probably far more. Some devices just sound an alarm; others are connected to monitoring services or to the police. But even just an alarm box fitted to the wall of your home is better than nothing and is sure to put off thieves.

You may think that CCTV is only good for capturing a video of burglars breaking in but not stopping them.

However, a home fitted with CCTV is not an enticing one for burglars. So, it’s also a good deterrent. They’re around £350 to install, so again they’re cheaper than the contents of your home.

Neighbourhood Watch groups have been around for years. And although they can be thought of as a silly pastime for nosy neighbours and bored retirees, they’re actually a good deterrent for burglars too.

Mostly because burglars don’t like nosy neighbourhoods that see all the comings and goings on the street. Chances are, someone will notice they’re up to no good. So, if you’ve got a local group, sign yourself up! 

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