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Christmas Presents For Dogs

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Advertisement Feature – Christmas Presents For Dogs

Christmas is nearly upon us and we think you’ll LOVE our pick of Christmas presents for dogs. There’s something here for every pooch, whether your dog has been naughty or nice!

If your dog is an important member of your family and you’ve been wondering.. What should I get my dog for Christmas? Then we can help you out!

We’ve rounded up the cutest little selection of dog presents and we’re pretty sure dog lovers will find something here their pup will just love.

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white fluffy dog wearing a Santa outfit sat in the woods in front of a decorated Christmas tree. text overlay reads "advertisement feature"

Christmas Presents For Dogs

Nuzzle Puzzle – Dog Christmas Gifts

Packaged Pet Love Nuzzle Puzzle dog ball made from blue and yellow rubber. Text overlay reads "advertisement feature"

Dogs just love this interactive foraging treat toy! You can fill the top part of the dog toy with treats and let your dog play with the ball to get to the treats. It’s one that really keeps the interest of dogs motivated by food!

Priced at just £8.99 we think this is a great dog Christmas gift!

Nylabone Roll & Chase – Dog Xmas Presents Ideas

Packaged Nylabone beef flavoured strong braided rubber ring in red. Text overlay reads "advertisement feature"

This Nylabone beef flavoured strong braided rubber play toy is great for dogs that like to chew! This dog toy is super fun – it rolls and bounces across the floor easily for dogs to chase and the little raised dental nubs seem to provide a satisfying chew!

We think this is one for the Christmas stockings for dogs!

Waboba Woofpack – Christmas Presents For Dogs

Brindle coloured French bulldog sniffing at a Christmas present for dogs which is a packaged Waboba Woofpack dog toy set - set contains a blue flying disc and tow balls one orange and one yellow. Lemon tree can bee seen in the background of the photo. Text overlay reads "advertisement"

The Waboba Woofpack is a brilliant Christmas dog present! This cute little package contains a flying disc and two different types of ball.

Perfect for dogs who love to chase and retrieve!

A Dog Walking Handy Tin – Dog Lovers Christmas Gift Ideas

Small blue tin with dog on the front - text on tin reads "my dog walking handy tin" Text overlay on image rads "advertisement feature"

We just LOVE this handy little gift for dog lovers! A compact tin, filled with handy dog walking emergency items, which can easily fit in in your coat pocket or bag.

The tin contains a super handy selection of things, including…

  • Emergency dog lead – in case yours breaks or you find a stray dog!
  • A super bright LED torch
  • Emergency whistle to call your dog
  • Dog poo bags
  • Tweezers in case of ticks or thorns
  • Antiseptic wipes (always handy)
  • Waterproof plasters (super useful)
  • And the tin can be used as a drinking vessel
small tin opened up and contents spilled out onto table - these include - emergency dog lead in green twisted rope, mini LED torch, bright orange whistle, dog poo bags, tweezers, antiseptic wipes, waterproof plasters. Text overlay reads "advertisement feature"

Priced at just £8.79 – this makes a great little Dog Christmas gift.

Sniffe & Likkit – Christmas Presents For Dogs

Sniffee & Likkit offer a super cute boutique collection of grooming gift and treats.

These are the perfect little gift sets for dogs – these gifts are just made for the dog that likes a little pamper! We just can’t choose which our favourite is!

The Inn The Dog House dog Christmas gift is a little collection of naturally scented luxury pampering products. It includes…

  • Fragrant paw cleansing wipes
  • Fur conditioning mist
  • 3 in 1 dog shampoo
  • A scented sachet to waft away woofy whiffs!

Available priced at £17

We love The Mutt Cracker dog xmas presents! A cute little cracker you could put under the tree. It contains…

  • A bag of treats
  • A cleansing wipe

Available at £5 (other cracker filler combinations are also available)

Or if you’ve got the type of pooch that’s going to expect a stocking hung by the fire.. Then you’ll just LOVE the Paw-Kit Full Of Treats a fluffy little stocking that contains…

  • 3 packs of tasty button bites – 100% natural biscuit treats

Available at £14

  • Check out and buy more of the Sniffe & Likkit range here – it’s just gorgeous!

Dogrobes – Christmas Presents For Dogs

small black dog wearing a dog robe with snowflake print sat on a grey cushion in front of a lit wood burner. Text overlay reads "advertisement feature"

Just how CUTE are these snuggly dog robes?

An exclusive collection of dog drying robes, available in red or grey with a printed snowflakes design. The inner layer is made from super-absorbent fabric with longer loops so it can absorb moisture and trap dogs body heat. Keeping dogs warm and cosy as they dry.

With prices starting at £31.95, Red and Grey Snowflake Dogrobes come in sizes to fit all breeds and are available in made to measure options too.

Dog owners can choose the design with a Harness Access Opening, making it easy for their dog to wear their Dogrobe on car journeys home from wet or messy walks. Snowflakes Dogrobes can also be customised to include an embroidered name.

Things To Consider When Buying Christmas Presents For Dogs

  • Decide on your budget and stick to it – sure loads of things are super cute, but be sensible with what you buy.
  • Safety – always check that the toys and dog items your choose are suited to your breed of dog – consider chewing, allergies etc.

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