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Clever timesaving solutions for changing the bed sheets quickly

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There’s literally nothing better than slipping into a freshly made up bed, with fresh clean bed linen. Fresh clean sheets always makes me happy.

However in a recent survey Time4Sleep discovered that only 28% of Brits change their bed sheets every week with 24% of them only changing the sheets every 3-4 weeks!

Just think about that… those sheets will be dirty! Bedding picks up dead skin, dust mites, body fluid and bacteria and the only way to stay on top of that is to get them changed frequently and wash them.

People find changing beds tedious and time consuming so we’ve got some ways to make the job easier.

Clever timesaving solutions for changing the bed sheets quickly, homemaking tips that really work
Speedy Bed Changing Tips for Busy Parents
  • Get the kids to strip their own beds – it’s a simple job and one they should be helping out with.
  • Keep bedding in complete little sets – so it’s easy to pick up which ever set you need and not be searching around for matching pillow cases.
  • Make sure you store clean quilt covers inside out after washing – then it’s quicker to put them on the quilt.
  • Teach kids from an early age how to put on pillow cases, its really not that tricky and if they’re doing their own it’s one less job for you to do.
  • Use fitted sheets – it means making the bed is much quicker as there’s no need to sort out neatly folded corners.
  • When putting on quilt covers – the easiest no-fuss way is to make sure the quilt cover is inside out and that you put your hands inside and hold it by the corners – pick up the corners of the quilt and just shake the cover down over the quilt – simple, fast and easy! Again, there’s no reason why older kids can’t help out and do this for themselves once you show them how.

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Tips for washing bedding
  • Get into a routine so that one day a week you change all the beds and get everyone to strip their bed down and put the dirty sheets into the laundry pile.
  • I buy bedding that can be washed at 60 degrees – the hotter the wash the better as it kills off more bacteria – if you can’t wash at a high temperature then use a laundry cleanser like Dettol to hygienically clean the bedding.
  • Don’t overload the washing machine or the bedding won’t wash well.
  • If you can line dry – even partly then the bedding will smell fresher and then just finish it the dryer to soften it.
  • Be sure to store the quilt covers inside out so it’s quicker to shake them onto the quilts next time you change them.
Keep your bed fresh in-between washing the sheets
  • Always air the bed – when you get up in the morning, turn back the sheets and open the bedroom window – this will help to reduce any moisture in the bed and keep it fresher.
  • When you make the bed – be sure to plump the pillows and shake out the covers before you make the bed.

Do you have some top tips you could share with the nation? Have you found a way of making bed-change day more fun? If so, then submit a short video of your technique here to be in with a chance of winning a Time 4 Sleep luxury Onelife double mattress worth £379.

We tried speed-changing the bed and managed it in 2 minutes 42 seconds – can you beat us?

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