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Container Salad Garden

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Something feels just a little bit brilliant about nipping into the garden and picking off some salad leaves to eat with dinner.

It’s amazing, it really connects you with what you are eating and I think I treat it just a little bit more special than if I’d just opened a pre-washed bag of salad.

With a couple of packs of seeds and several window boxes or containers, you can pretty much keep yourself in salad leaves all summer.

What You’ll Need To Make A Container Salad Garden

  • Window boxes, small plant pots or even upcycled junk – like coffee tins or juice cartons.
  • Bag of compost.
  • Some small salad plants for an ‘instant garden’
  • A few packets of different salad leaf seeds for keeping things growing all summer.
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Some Things We Would Reccomend Growing

  • corn salad
  • rocket
  • mizuna
  • lollo rossa
  • chives
  • flat leaf parsley
  • coriander
  • tumbler tomatoes

How To Make A Container Salad Garden

  • Fill the window boxes/pots with compost
  • Plant up a few bought baby plants.
  • Scatter a few mixed salad leaf seeds amongst the baby plants.
  • I always add a few tumbler tomato plants in the boxes too.
  • Sprinkle with water regularly.
  • You can harvest when the leaves are ‘baby leaves’ and continue to scatter seeds every week throughout the summer to ensure a constant supply of baby salad.

Hints And Tips

Salad leaves really are happy growing in any old pot or container so just use what you have and squeeze in a mini salad garden wherever you can.

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My salad garden is planted in some fab galvanised steel pots and coloured buckets I bought in IKEA a few years ago – the pots come in a rack you can hang over fences or balcony rails so you can squeeze in even more garden!

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The little jelly bean tent in the background is a Festival Tent from Tesco I picked it up in a sale for £5 – it’s so easy to put up and the kids are never out of it!

If you’ve got young children why not try making a Cress Caterpillar together for a fab plant it, grow it, eat it project.

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