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Crate Creatures Review

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Advertisement Feature and Review

OMG! We just LOVE our Crate Creature! Blizz is a cute little monster that comes locked and chained in his crate! So first up – you need to break him out! Grab the crow bar off the side and bust open the lock and unleash the beast! 

Crate Creatures have 45+ unique creature sounds!

Pull his tongue and he’ll vibrate, his eyes will glow and he’ll make a whole lot of noise!

Blizz flaps his arms when you pull his tail and if you feed him his lollipop he makes loud chomping noises. 

blonde boy cuddling a Crate Creature Blizz

You could also use the record facility to get your crate creature to speak your own message in his creature voice! To get him to record – be sure you’ve flicked the switch to on (it’s just under his fur at the back) then squeeze his tummy – he grumbles – and as you record your message he his eyes glow. 

Crate Creatures jiggle, glow, gurgle, groan, grumble and growl – and particularly cute is the little snoring when you lock him back in his crate and he settles down to sleep! 

What we loved about Blizz the Crate Creature
  • We LOVED busting him out of his crate.
  • We LOVE how noisy he is. 
  • We totally LOVE how you can use the record facility to create your own noises or sentences!
  • We LOVED how you can pack him away back in his crate. 
  • We think he’d make a great Christmas gift.

**cough… no YOUR Crate Creature just called you a poo head* 

small boy looking shocked when Crate Creature shouts poo head
What comes in the Crate Creature box
  • Contents: 1 x Blizz, 1 x frozen treat, 1 x lock and chain, 1 x crowbar, and reusable crate
  • Requires: 3 x AA Batteries (Included)
Where can I buy Crate Creatures?
  • It is available at Smyths, The Entertainer and all other good toy stores.
  • RRP £39.99

Disclosure – the Crate Creature was sent over free of charge – For full details of my disclosure policy please read here.

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