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Crazy Claw Review

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Boy holding the Crazy Claw game in the box

Crazy Claw is a brilliantly simple play at home arcade game for kids. The game is a big hit with the kids – it’s easy to set up and super fun to play!

Crazy Claw game set up ready to play with claw and game card in front of the box of balls

Crazy Claw comes with all you need to recreate this fun – grabber arcade game at home. Just set up the ball holder – fill the balls with the little cardboard tokens and then get busy playing. 

To play Crazy Claw you need 2-4 players (although my smallest boy is happy just hooking out balls himself even if there’s nobody else playing!) To start the game fill all the balls with tokens and put them into the ball holder. Give each player a game card – this has on it a sequence of pictures which they’ll need to grab out of the ball holder. 

kids playing Crazy Claw game

Each player takes a turn to grab a ball using the Crazy Claw whilst the other players flip the balls in the air using the little paddles in front of them. 

Opening a ball to release the token in the Crazy Claw game

If when you pull out the ball it contains a token you need – take it out and put it on your game card then throw the empty ball back… this just makes winning trickier! If the ball contains a token not on your game card simply put the token back and return the ball to the holder then give the crazy claw to the next player. 

Getting the token out of the ball in the Crazy Claw game

The winner is the one who collects all their tokens first! 

  • It’s a great game for little ones – it’s fast and funny! 
  • It’s super fun and guarantees lots of giggles. 
  • It engaged kids interest even when they were playing alone. 

Crazy Claw is available from Drumond Park RRP £24.99 and is suitable for children aged 5+

Disclosure – the Crazy Claw game was sent over free of charge from Drumond Park for review – For full details of my disclosure policy please read here.

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