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Create a school organization station

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Creating a school organization station keeps all the kids school stuff in one place so it’s organized, to hand and easy to keep on top of.

Our compact school organization station will fit into even the smallest of homes. It will make school-home communication so much easier and quicker.

It’s just a small collection of school essentials that as a parent you need to hand. Having them all in one place just helps to cut down on all the frantic searching through cupboards for envelopes and counting out milk money in 1p coins from the penny jar…

What you need for a school organization station

  • a small space you can display kids timetables and after school schedules
  • room and storage for a small amount of stationery
  • writing paper and envelopes
  • money envelopes
  • pens
  • small tin of money which you keep topped up for those last minute “I have to take a £1 into school today” type things.
  • family diary (I do this on the computer/mobile phones using shared calendar so all family members have access to it)
school organization station made from a IKEA black board

How to make a school organization station

Make space at home for your organisation station.

  • Can be a small notice board with stationery storage built on.
  • Can be the side of the fridge and use magnetic storage pots.
  • A small space on the shelf in the hallway or office area.

Collect together all the items you know you need for home-school communication and arrange them in an easy to access way.

Organization Tips for School

Get the kids on board – so they know that once they get home any school letters or diaries that need signing are placed at the organisation station and that way nothing gets missed.

As letters come home from school make sure you transfer event dates straight into the shared family diary so that everyone has a clear view of what’s going on and time doesn’t get double booked.

When stationery items or money pot coins are running low replenish and keep organised.

Shop the look
  • LUNS magnetic/chalk notice board available from IKEA priced £17
homemade school organization station for all the kids school stuff

Hey – we hope you find the organization station useful and don’t forget to tag us your creations on Twitter @daisiesandpieUK or Instagram @daisiesandpie

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