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Curb Appeal Ideas

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Completely gorgeous curb appeal ideas! We’ve rounded up the most beautiful exterior style ideas to really make your home ooze curb appeal!

What Is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is quite simply how lovely your home looks from outside. And of course the better a home looks, the nicer it is to come home to.

Keeping the outside of your home looking well cared for, clean and tidy is really simple and all helps to make your home look the best it can. Adding a few nice style ideas adds that extra wow factor!

Plus.. if you’re thinking of selling your home then curb appeal can really encourage buyers to view the property. First impressions count!

curb appeal ideas - pastel pink bricks and pastel pink front door with a Knock Knock Door Knocker And Apex House Numbers - Unlacquered Brass, £39,
Knock Knock Door Knocker And Apex House Numbers – Unlacquered Brass, £39,, Gipsy Hill Hardware
Made on Press Loft Studio #pressloftstudio

Simple Ways To Add Curb Appeal

  • Paint the front door
  • Tidy up gutters and paintwork
  • Fix any broken gates or fences
  • Tidy up the garden
  • Sweep pathways and steps
  • Clean windows
  • Add planters, exterior lights, door furniture and other style items.

Paint The Front Door

paint splashes - one blue, one pink and one dark blue. Text overlay "paint the door"

First up, revamp that front door! Adding a coat of paint to a tatty, lacklustre front door instantly brightens and smartens up the entrance to your home.

I always think it’s a great idea to pick a nice colour scheme for the outside of your home, one you can add to with extra little style buys to tie the whole look together.

We just adore a pink and dark blue colour scheme, effortlessly stylish.

Get The Look!

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Tidy Gutters And Paintwork – Add Curb Appeal

Clogged up gutters filled with weeds make your home look messy and un-cared for. So it’s a job that needs tackling. If you’re confident and able to do it yourself then it’s simple enough.I prefer to get an odd-job-person in for this, he usually comes twice a year and cleans out the gutters.

External paintwork that’s peeling or flaking also needs addressing. This again is a job you could tackle yourself or pay an external decorator to sort out for you. But it’ll instantly make the front of your home look much smarter.

Fix Any Broken Gates And Fences

Again, broken fences, or peeling paint will make your home look messy.

Take a look at your fence, replace any panels that are beyond sprucing up. Then grab yourself a can of fence paint and give everything a fresh coat of paint or wood stain. Again, it’ll instantly add curb appeal.

Tidy Up The Garden To Add Curb Appeal

Whatever the size of your outdoor space – tidy it up.

Weed and dig over the flower beds, trim back any overgrown hedgerows or bushes. And mow the lawn.

A garden tidy up will instantly make the front of your home look much more appealing.

Sweep Pathways and Steps

Grab yourself a sweeping brush and give any pathways, driveways and steps a good sweep. Remove dust, debris and weeds.

It’s also worth giving driveways and pathways a jet wash to really clean them up, especially if they’ve accumulated moss which can be quite slippy when wet.

cleaning products to clean the exterior of your home - glass cleaner, hessian cloths and sweeping brush with dustpan in a stand. text overlay "keep things tidy"

Get The Cleaning Products!

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Clean The Windows

Cleaning the windows is an instant way to smarten up the front of your house. Windows that are sparkling clean really give a house that cared for, looked after vibe.

Add Curb Appeal With Some Stylish Exterior Decorative Items

Image of door knocker, pink metal bench, concrete planter, door mat that says Hello Lovely, white planter, nautical style outdoor light, eucalyptus wreath. Text overlay reads "instant curb appeal"

One of the best ways to add instant curb appeal is to add some exterior decoration and if these are tied into your colour scheme then it’ll definitely give your home the wow factor.

Try adding stylish outdoor lights, not only are these a security boost but are also practical and look great!

Adding a great looking door knocker and polished numbers will also help your home stand out.

And of course as simple seasonal door wreath and practical yet contemporary door mat is also a great buy!

Finish off your instant curb appeal update with planters and hanging baskets filled with plants and perhaps an elegant bench as that last little flourish to tie everything together.

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Images Made on Press Loft Studio #pressloftstudio