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Daily Habits To Keep Your Home Clean

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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to effortlessly keep their home clean and tidy all the time? It’s not magic! There’s some simple daily habits which you can squeeze into your routine which will help you to have a clean house that feels great to be in!

How To Keep Your Home Clean And Tidy

We’ll take a look at some of the most effective habits to keep your home clean and tidy, along with some tips and tricks to make cleaning easier and more manageable.

Whether you’re a busy parent or a professional with a hectic schedule, these daily habits will help you keep your home looking its best day after day.

It may seem obvious but the biggest thing you can do in your daily routine to make sure your home stays feeling great to be in, is to simply keep on top of things. Think about it as little and often. And build little steps into your daily routine that help you to keep the things that matter to you the most, clean and tidy.

We’re sharing the little things we do every day around the house that help to keep it clean and tidy and nice to come home to.

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Daily Habits For A Clean Home – Make Your Bed

A simple chore, but it makes a big difference, it’ll literally take you 2 minutes to make the bed!

clean bedroom with fresh flowers on the bedside tables

Nobody wants to come up to bed and be greeted with a messy pile of bed covers and scrunched up pillows.

Making the beds daily, not only instantly makes your bedroom look clean and tidy, but it just feels so much better to come home to a nicely made bed. Throw the windows open whilst you make the bed, this will help air the bed and freshen up the bedroom.

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Daily Habits For A Clean Home – Wash The Pots

Again – if you keep on top of things and clean as you go, dealing with dirty pots is a job that can be tackled in just a few minutes a day.

hand washed dishes draining on the pot drainer

Always wash the pots or at least load them into the dishwasher. That way when you come home or get up in the morning you won’t be faced with a disgusting pile of dirty dishes.

Chores To Do Everyday – Wipe Down The Kitchen Worktops And Clean The Sink 

Literally a five minute chore, and it’ll help keep the kitchen hygienic and feel a whole lot better!

Always clean down the kitchen worktops as you cook. Then at the end of every day, just after cleaning up from dinner, wipe down the kitchen counters and clean the kitchen sink. It’ll only take you a couple of minutes.

Be sure to wipe up spills as you go along too, this will save you spending a day scrubbing sticky cupboards or fridge shelves.

This will just help you to keep on top of the housework and it keeps the kitchen clean, hygienic and fresh.

Daily Habits For A Clean Home – Take Out The Rubbish 

At the end of the day, wrap up the rubbish and recycling and take it out to the bins.

It’ll take 5 minutes and it will keep your home fresh, clean and stop any nasty smells.

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Chores To Do Everyday – Sort Out Mail

If you deal with mail and school correspondence as soon as it arrives, it just keeps you on top of things!

Deal with mail and school letters/emails as they come in. Don’t stack them in a pile or push them into a draw to sort out another time… by the time that day comes it’ll be a full on task.

It takes only a couple of minutes to answer letters/emails, and sort out requests from schools – sign those permission slips, add dates to your diary and keep on top of things.

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Daily Habits For A Clean Home – Open Up All The Windows 

A freshly aired home, smells a whole lot better than a stale one!

Always open all the windows at home for a least half an hour daily even in cold weather.

Opening the windows changes and freshens up the air and helps to rid the house of cooking smells, humidity and stale odours too.

It just makes the house smell fresher and feel better to be in.

Chores To Do Everyday – Vacuum Floors 

A 10 minute cleaning chore that’ll keep your home dust and pet hair free and looking good!

A quick vacuum of high traffic areas every day just keeps your home cleaner. We usually mop the kitchen floor too, as again it’s a job that only takes a few minutes and is worth doing to keep your home clean.

Cleaning and mopping is quicker and easier if you use a cordless vacuum cleaner which can be just grabbed from the wall and quickly used. We also prefer spray mops, they’re just quick to grab and use and make cleaning seem less of a chore!

Also worth remembering that… just 10 minutes of vacuuming or mopping burns around 34 calories, so can be counted as exercise!

It just keeps things fresh and clean and really doesn’t take that long to do either.

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Daily Habits For A Clean Home – Clean The Bathrooms 

A quick freshen of the bathroom will take you literally 5 minutes! Totally doable!

Marigold bathroom cleaning gloves, home cleaning essentials

If you do a quick 5 minute bathroom clean daily, it keeps the bathroom fresh, hygiene and it means the weekly deep clean is easier and quicker.

Plus nobody wants to be using a dirty bathroom right? When you sink into that bath with the candles lit, a fresh bathroom is going to make that feel a whole lot nicer!

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