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Daily housework checklist

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Want a clean and tidy house? Grab our daily cleaning schedule here and totally keep on top of the cleaning – making your house clean, fresh and a great place to be.

Daily Cleaning Schedule 

Here’s the daily housework chores that help me keep on top of running a family home.

Just by doing these each day, or most days, anyway. It really keeps me organised and the house clean and tidy – all of which I need!

Luckily I usually manage to fit most of the daily housework chores into my day before I even leave for the school run in the morning.

The key to getting on and getting the chores done is to just set a timer and crack on, working through everything as fast as I can.

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I also like to keep in mind that cleaning burns calories so it’s like a mini work out but with the added benefit of a clean house!

See how many calories housework burns by chore here.

daily cleaning schedule with list of daily housework chores

Get the daily cleaning checklist printable here.

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Daily Cleaning Chores

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Each day I try to get through the daily chores as a minimum. I just like a nice clean house and I feel it really makes me more efficient and organised!

When choosing cleaning products I do tend to go for the more natural eco products.

They make the house smell so much nicer and I always feel it’s safer to use more natural products in a family home.

  • Make the beds (kids do their own)
  • Quick clean of the bathroom- toilets, sinks and the bath and shower
  • Put dirty towels in the laundry and put fresh towels out
  • Wipe down the kitchen work surfaces
  • Clean the kitchen sink
  • Do at least one load of laundry – washed, dried, ironed and put away
  • Vacuum downstairs (with kids and pets this is something that really does need to be done every day)
  • Wash pots/load the dishwasher
  • Wipe down dining table after every meal
  • Wipe any handprints off windows and doors
  • A quick tidy up of clutter (I usually do this just before putting kids to bed)
  • Take out rubbish and recycling

Okay…. now I know this may look a lot of work. But honestly it isn’t and if I really get stuck in, then it just all gets done.

I tend to throw the windows open wide to change the air whilst I clean, put the music on and really whizz through the chores in no time.

I also add a weekly deeper clean of all the rooms to my cleaning routine too. Just to keep on top of everything and make sure we stay organised.

Once you’re in a good routine the weekly chores don’t take as long to do. You can weigh up yourself how often you need to do them, some things in your house may only need doing every other week.

I do like the house to be clean and tidy and so for me it’s worth the effort.

You can get our weekly housework routine here with full details of all the chores by room.

printable weekly housework checklist broken down room by room

Get the free housework printable checklists here

Cleaning Checklists

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