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Dr Beckmann Toilet Cleaner Review

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Advertisement Feature & Review For Dr Beckmann Toilet Cleaner

This is what we found out when we put Dr Beckmann Power Foaming Toilet Cleaner to the test!

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If you’re spring cleaning the bathroom or perhaps just want to tackle limescale build up in the toilet bowl with a deep cleaning treatment, then Dr Beckmann toilet cleaner have you covered!

A regular deep clean of the toilet bowl every few weeks, alongside your usual daily cleaning routine just helps to keep the toilet clean, hygienic and looking and smelling nice and fresh!

Packet of Dr Beckmann toilet cleaner on top of the toilet seat

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Dr Beckmann Toilet Cleaner

Here’s how to get the BEST results with the foaming toilet cleaner

Step One – add hot water to the toilet bowl

Okay… hands up! We missed this instruction, didn’t see it on the box. So the first time we used the foam toilet cleaner we did it just with the cold toilet water.

The second time we used hot water and it’s much better! It really activates the foam so it’s much more foamy and puffed up.

Step Two – Add the Dr Beckmann Power Foaming Toilet Cleaner

sachet of Dr Beckmann power foaming toilet cleaner ready to pour down the toilet
  • Simply cut the silver sachet open with scissors and then tip it into the toilet bowl.
  • The foaming toilet cleaner puffs right up inside the toilet bowl, usually to just under the rim.
  • We used a toilet brush to give it an extra scrub here and just spread the foam out a little more.
Dr Beckmann toilet foam in the toilet

Step Three – Wait 10 minutes

  • Just simply leave the foam toilet cleaner to do its thing for a whole 10 minutes.

Step Four – Use a brush to scrub the toilet with Dr Beckman Toilet Cleaner

scrubbing the toilet with a Joseph Joseph toilet brush and Dr Beckmann toilet bowl cleaner
  • Take your toilet brush and give the whole inside of the toilet bowl a scrub with the foaming toilet cleaner. Be sure to get right under the rim.

Step Five – Flush the toilet

  • Flush the toilet – that’s it!
freshly cleaned toilet with Dr Beckmann toilet cleaner

Dr Beckmann Toilet Cleaner Review

We found the foaming toilet bowl cleaner a great product. Worked really well and left the toilet looking clean and smelling fresh.

It’s definitely worth remembering the tip to put hot water down the toilet first!

The cleaner was super easy to use, just tip, scrub, wait and flush. It’s something we’ve added into our regular cleaning routine. So once a week I put these foam toilet cleaner sachets down each toilet in the house.

Would I recommend them? Yes – definitely a great addition to the bathroom cleaning kit!

Available in packs of three sachets for just £3!

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