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Dr Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner

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Advertisement Feature & Review – Dr Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner

We put Dr Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner to the test in order to thoroughly clean the washing machine. Here’s what we discovered!

When you clean your washing machine on a regular basis, rather than allowing soap scum, grime, black mould, and bacteria to accumulate over time, you will find it much easier to keep it clean and smelling fresh.

And, yes, I realise it sounds like a chore, but it really isn’t.

We’ll walk you through the essential parts of the washing machine that need to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid a major cleaning task later on.

Dr Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner Review

Dr Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner being held in front of a washing machine

How To Clean A Washing Machine

Washing Machine Cleaning – After Every Use

  • After each use simply wipe the rubber seal dry and leave the door slightly ajar so air can circulate.

Washing Machine Cleaning – Weekly

  • Remove the washing machine detergent drawer and give it a wash in a sink full of hot soapy water.
  • Wipe the inside part of the washing machine where the drawer goes – just use a cloth and hot soapy water for this.
  • Wipe the rubber door seal with hot soapy water and dry with a soft cloth

Cleaning Note! If your washing machine drawer is really dirty or you’ve not cleaned it out for a while then head over to our cleaning guide; How To Clean Washing Machine Drawer here for a step by step guide to getting rid of the black mould and getting it back clean and hygienic.

Washing Machine Cleaning – Monthly

  • If your washing machine has a cleaning cycle – run this monthly

Washing Machine Deep Clean With Dr Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner

  • Use and antibacterial washing machine cleaner to deep clean the washing machine every 6-8 weeks. This just helps to rid the machine of bacteria, viruses and fungi that can build up inside the machine over time.

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How To Use Dr Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner

It is SUPER EASY to use the Dr Beckmann washing machine cleaner! It’ll just take you a minute!

  • Make sure the washing machine is empty – then pour all the deep clean powder directly into the washing machine drum – don’t add any laundry!
  • Select a main wash cycle at a minimum 60 degrees without a pre-wash cycle. Don’t add any additional detergent or fabric softener and just start the machine.

Once the washing machine cycle had finished and I opened up the washing machine – it smelled fresh and lemony and the drum looked sparkling clean!

There was still some black discolouration on the rubber seal but, to be fair it doesn’t claim to clean that and it was improved.

All in all it was an easy cleaning product to use, it gives peace of mind, knowing that it cleans 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi. And it’s a great price at just £2.99! Definitely worth adding to your cleaning routine!

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