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Easter Crafts For Kids

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Super cute Easter Crafts For Kids – Use the school holiday break to craft something fun!

Spring is a time of year when the kids are busy with school and other activities. There is not much time for them to do anything creative or free spirited!

That’s why it’s super nice to include some fun Easter crafts for kids during the school holidays.

Kids easter activities can be as simple as creating Easter cards and decorating eggs with some paints. You can also create a super fun Easter egg hunt by hiding eggs around the house or yard, or you could even have them create their own Easter baskets at home!

The possibilities are endless, so get creative and have fun!

Easter Wreath Ideas

small child holding up two child made sheep pop up puppets on lolly sticks.

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Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter Crafts For Kids

Supe cute Easter Crafts For Kids to get busy with this spring break - craft something fun!

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Love Spring? Try These Easy Spring Bakes!

The kids will have a blast getting messy in the kitchen while making these delicious Easter bakes and treats!

  • Mini Egg Cheesecakes – these individual cheesecakes made with a tasty biscuit base, mini-egg flavoured creamy topping and scattered with chocolate eggs are just perfect for making this Easter time.
  • Giant Cookie With Chocolate Eggs – our HUGE sharing cookie is totally amazing! The kids will LOVE making and eating this super sweet treat. We love it with creamy vanilla ice-cream melting into the middle… so good!

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