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Easy pasta recipes

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20 quick and easy pasta recipes you can have on the table in less than 30 minutes. Family friendly recipes that taste so good! 

Easy pasta recipes

BLT Pasta Salad

Crispy bacon, crunchy lettuce and baby plum tomatoes tossed together with penne in a creamy ranch style dressing – great for warm summer evenings and leftovers taste good next day too. 

panful of spaghetti margherita, two bowls of easy pesto pasta with veggies, BLT pasta salad. Text overlay saying 20 easy pasta recipes ready in 30 minutes or less"

Spaghetti Margherita 

Freshly cooked spaghetti tossed with baby cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and mozzarella – fast and delicious. 

enamel pan filled with spaghetti margherita.

Roast Pepper & Pancetta Pasta

Quick and tasty chargrilled peppers with crispy pancetta and some heat with a pinch of chilli flakes. 

white bowl filled with pancetta and roast pepper pasta sprinkled with chopped flat leaf parsley.

Tuna & Avocado Pasta Salad 

Fancy a bowlful of healthy tuna and avocado pasta salad? Easy to make and great packed next day for lunch. 

white wooden table with hessian cloth - white plate loaded with tuna and avocado pasta salad

Super Easy Pasta Pesto

Delicious quick homemade pesto tossed through freshly cooked pasta and fresh vegetables – so easy and always a hit with the kids.

white wooden table with two bowls of pasta pesto using fusilli pasta, homemade pesto, spinach, black olives and baby plum tomatoes - two vintage silver forks by the bowls.

Creamy Spinach Linguine 

Creamy, garlicky and oh so good. Our spinach linguine is super simple to make and utterly moreish. 

white bowl filled with homemade creamy spinach linguine

Pasta Alla Vodka 

We use smoked vodka for a twist on this classic dish – fast and simple. 

panful of pasta alla vodka with a spaghetti fork twirling into it

Prawn & Pea Pasta 

Throw this pasta dish together in minutes – tasty, healthy and oh so easy to make! 

White IKEA plate with a pile of prawn and pea spaghetti and silver vintage fork - sat on a rustic grey table.

Red Pepper & Pine Nut Pasta 

Using just a handful of ingredients you can have this easy vegetarian pasta dish ready in minutes. 

panful of red pepper and pine nut pasta with black olives

Spanish Pasta Salad 

A great make ahead dish – perfect for warm nights with a glass of wine and leftovers are great next day too. 

bowlful of spanish pasta salad with manchego, peppers, tomatoes and fresh herbs

Easy Italian Pasta Salad

Like your pasta salad fully loaded? Then you’ll just love our Italian pasta salad – salami, mozzarella and fresh veggies tossed with fusilli and dressed with Italian style dressing – super easy and yum! If there is any leftovers then they’re great next day. 

white bowl filled with Italian pasta salad loaded with mini mozzarella balls, red onions, salami, chargrilled peppers, baby tomatoes, olives and fresh herbs

Tuna Bolognese

Use tinned tuna to cook up a super easy healthy bolognese in just minutes, really popular with the kids – definitely a winner! 

red and blue bowl filled with homemade tuna bolognese

Lazy One Pan Tomato Pasta

We love a one pan dinner and this is super easy – you could sprinkle over toppings like cheese, olives, cubed ham once cooked. 

one pan tomato pasta with wooden spoon

Spaghetti with Pesto and Feta

Delicious freshly cooked spaghetti tossed with pesto, rocket and crumbled feta, tasty and super easy. 

white bowlful of spaghetti tossed with pesto and rocket with feta cheese crumbled on top

Greek Pasta Salad

All the flavours of a classic Greek salad but with added pasta to make a filling meal – great for easy dinner, picnics or packed lunches. 

homemade greek orzo pasta salad in a large Joesph Joseph green bowl

Spicy Prawn Spaghetti

Fiery prawns and fresh spinach mingled with spaghetti – quick, delicious and ready so fast. 

hessian clothe with dish of wholewheat spaghetti with prawns, chilli, sun dried tomatoes and spinach, wooden bowl of orange coloured chillies and two lemons by the side of it

Pasta with Chickpeas & Pesto

Simple, low cost store cupboard supper that can be ready in minutes. Healthy and fast. 

pasta with chickpeas

Simple Tomato Pasta

Go simple and cook up a quick tomato sauce, toss through hot pasta and serve with a green salad – easy, low cost and delicious. 

homemade tomato pasta in a white bowl with green salad on the side

Tagliatelle with Ham and Peas

Creamy, comforting and satisfying – our creamy ham and pea tagliatelle is super simple to make and ready fast. 

white plate piled high with creamy ham and pea tagliatelle

Very Veggie Spaghetti 

Need to squeeze extra veggies into your diet? Throw them in with your pasta for a tasty, filling dinner that’s ready in minutes. 

white plate piled with freshly cooked spaghetti mingled with vegetables and scattered with parmesan cheese


bowlful of tuna avocado pasta salad, bowl of Italian pasta salad, bowlful of prawn and spinach spaghetti. Text overlay saying 20 easy pasta recipes ready in 30 minutes or less"

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