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Easy way to 5-a-day with FOGA Plantshakes

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Just the easiest way to get your 5-a-day with convenient FOGA Plantshakes

FOGA is a delicious range of instant whole plant smoothies made from freeze-dried fruits and vegetables.

These brilliant little sachets have been created to help those with a super busy lifestyle to still find time to up their plant intake for a healthier way of life.

Each little FOGA sachet is made using a tasty blend of fruit and vegetables which contain fibre and vitamins which can all help towards improving your health and energy levels. Each sachet contains unto 2 portions of whole fruit and vegetables as well as seeds, spices and superfoods.

four sachets of FOGA instant plant shakes on a white wooden table - peanut and coffee flavour, peach and cayenne flavour, kiwi and greens flavour and blueberry and sour cherry

The FOGA instant plant shakes are so simple to use – just pour out 250ml or water or milk – it tells you on the sachet which is best to use, and of course you don’t need to use dairy milk – vegan alternatives work really well.

Then add the powder from the FOGA plant shake sachet and shake to mix the drink. These are so easy to use and convenient, the little sachets are the perfect size for pockets or handbags meaning there’s literally nothing stopping you whipping one out an enjoying wherever you are.

FOGA Plantshakes Review

We tried out a box of plant shakes – we found them really easy to use and really tasty to drink – we were surprised at how nice they tasted and how substantial they were once made up. They took less than a minute to make up and we just love how convenient they are for taking to work or college.

How to buy FOGA Plantshakes

Prices start at £29.99 for a one off box of 10 plant shakes or subscriptions start from £24.00 weekly/fortnightly or monthly for a box of 10 Plantshakes

Buy FOGA Plantshakes here.

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